#TBT to when I argued with “style and curve” magazine about body positivity

So it’s Thursday, so lets do a throwback!

Around this time a year ago I had an argument with a ‘bigish’ magazine company called Style and curve magazine via social media.. below is a blog post from my other blog and heres the Instagram post that caused the drama!


So, I’ve been ill the majority of the week, soo I have nothing fun or interesting to report or talk about either, other than what would happen if I ended up in law school, and my argument with an online magazine..

My life this week has literally consisted of hootsuite, Netflix & Suites. Maybe its a sign I should actually work in a law firm.. nah.

Can you imagine me as a lawyer? “This persons innocent cause she’s wearing a nice shade of Mac lipstick, so clearly she can’t possibly be a murderer…” I think i’ll stick to night clubs and stuff..

Anyway, yeah.. So this week I did have an argument with a magazine this called “Style and curve mag”.

They post loads of photos and quotes about not “body shaming”, in my eyes its 2016, if you’re still body shaming you really are a twat. So anyway, on Tuesday they added a photo on their Facebook and instagram page which had a photo of a curvy women with the quote

“No I don’t wear a size 0. But that’s only because I have the body of a Woman, not the body of a 12 year old.” – Unknown.

So my argument is, if that isn’t body shaming then what is? Why is it STILL totally acceptable for people to post stuff like this, but if anything is posted about larger people then they get so much grief and abuse for it? Why is it okay to call someone skinny and not call someone fat? To me this is a really sore subject.
So after reading the page myself, and looking at some of the comments there was ALOT of negativity on the post itself. After a few thousand of comments o the post, the page finally replied to people with..

“Style & Curve mag is sorry if this post made you angry. We want to state again that we support #BodyPositivity ONLY. The Reason why we shared the post was to get a reaction, which we can use in an article about this topic. We will write about body positivity from both sides the ones of bigger women and the thinner women. We are sort if you got angry about it, but now I got enough material to high light the problem of it and what still needs to be changed. This has nothing to do with us being hypocrites how one of you said. It basically has something to do with getting material to write for an article. We have no rights to take comments from other pages. And if we use your comments for an article (not to blame you) then also without your name. – kind regards, from style and curve.”

So basically.. you’re hypocritical idiots and you didn’t like the negative response you got on the post. So this is some type of apology, and this is you trying to justify and offensive post to start with. Why not just ask peoples opinions of the photo to start with, if that was the case…?

I messaged the page myself via inbox on facebook to actually attempt to talk to them..

Me : Hey, The fact you published an insulting post to get material for another article is disgusting. You should be ashamed, Not professional at all.

S&CM : Sarah, if you don’t like or disagree with our post then feel free to unlike out page, thnx

At this point I’m getting even more annoyed, I don’t like your stupid skinny hating page anyways, it was shared by my friend Em onto my facebook page.. but ok..

Me: I didn’t like your page in the first place, not really sure how you can say you don’t body shame. The post is offensive and should be just taken down. You’re making people feel shit about themselves.

S&CM: Whatever. Am not going to argue about this topic. We do have lots of supports and fans and year of course some don’t like our page, that’s life.

Me: I can’t believe how unprofessional you’re being. You’ve just insulted thousands of people for attention and material for an article basically?

S&CM: One more time, I’m not going to argue with you about our post, we do get plenty of messages every single day of women who feel glad and happy about our shared posts. We do not promote our pages at all. The reason why we do get so many likes is simple cause many people (and models) shares our pages/posts.

And then at this point I realised I was talking to an absolute hypocritical Idiot and made sure I blocked the page.

So basically, the moral of this story is, Style & curve mag are hypocritical, don’t care about their audience and are incapable of keeping their audience happy.. as long as they have material for their next article.. They don’t mind tricking their audience into leaving comments either. But I mean, its totally cool right? As long as you have your material, who cares who you insult anyway its only 2016 after all.. Go ahead and body shame slimmer people, who actually, like myself, find it really hard to gain weight.

This page can definitely stay blocked..

Time to go make a cup of tea and take my 12 year old body to bed I guess!

SO! I’ve had another look at their page this morning and looking now their a lot more positive and aren’t body shaming as much – I guess something positive DID come out of this after all! 


It’s 2017, let’s stop body shaming guys! 


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