Madrid Short Break

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So! Me and Dan went to Madrid last weekend… and spent 90% of our money on food.. We were there  Sunday – Wednesday and although i’ve been before, this time was SO much better. 

We arrived and got sorted and in our room for around 8pm. So we got changed and went straight out to eat. It was the Real Madrid, Barcelona match the night we got there so although we ended up not watching it at the stadium, we went and found a bar just up from the apartment. We had loads of food, beer and sangria and the atmosphere was amazing! IMG_6492

We ordered Chocolate ice cream, well what we thought was chocolate ice cream, but it was actually difference ice creams dipped in different chocolate and then served individually. They were so nice!IMG_6495

I wore my New Look denim jacket and a cute little 2 piece outfit. It’s like shorts and a sling back top. I ordered an 8 and the top was way to big, but the shorts fitted okay! They’re both really thin, so pretty perfect for Holiday! They’re from BooHoo.


There was a mirror on the entrance / exit of the apartment and it lit up at night. Perfect selfie location..

The first day we were there we went to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which is basically a big football stadium.. Dan was in his element, I was walking around trying to find good light for selfies, and taking far too many photos.



I even found a mirror in the changing rooms and made Dan selfie with me.. IMG_6578

Okay so after the football day (which felt like it lasted a good 3 weeks, but it was his trip for his present so I’m not negative..) i found makeup shops! I went a little OTT, but i fully stand by the fact i needed everything i bought… kinda. The picture below is only from one shop.. we went to about 7.IMG_6581

I wore a sling back top, so needed a stick on bra the second day we were there. Dan got really confused and couldn’t work out what it actually was or what it was for. As its reusable, I put it back in its packaging and 20 minutes later Dan walks in wearing it looking pretty chuffed with himself..


The last day was pretty cold (for me, but I’m a wuss) so i ended up wearing jeans and a denim jacket all day. It was kinda awkward because everyone else was wearing shorts and t-shirts.. IMG_6600

Where we were staying, the apartment was on a really busy hughstreet. So we had loads of food places around us. We went to “VIPS” for lunch on the last day cause the menu had loads of gluten free stuff. We ordered gluten free nachos, The nachos themselves were nice. Dan loved the sauce thing, but it was way to weird for me. It had melted cheese sauce, salsa, avocado, sour cream, chorizo and chicken… ALL MIXED UP INTO A HOT SAUCE. Nope.. I can’t deal with that.

I had a VIP’s Club Sandwich for lunch after the nachos were a massive fail. It was SO nice and really odd to be able to order a sandwich gluten free without people looking at you weird. IMG_6603

We went on a bus tour around Madrid to see everything. It was supposed to be Hop on, Hop off. It’s open for like 14 hours a day too. Theres two different routes, ones like old Madrid and ones classed as New Madrid. We only got off the bus once to swap routes.. we’d over eaten at lunch and I was hungover from sangria.. IMG_6609 (1)IMG_6610 (1)

As we got off the bus we found the KIKO Shop. KIKO Milano is an Italian Makeup & cosmetics range and has been around since 1997. Theres one in London and Birmingham but there isn’t one in Leicester. This kinda sucks cause everything in theres SO cheap for what it is and the products last ages! IMG_6615

Then I found my home.. NYX. I LOVE NYX Make-up & Products. Everything is full of pigment, lasts ages and nothing dries your skin out or makes you break out. Most of my eyeshadows are NYX and i couldn’t recommend them more. They have stalls in Leicester. Boots in fosse park has a really big stall with about 8/9 different stands. IMG_6616

Bubble Tea! Dan hates it, I love it. They have a stand at Uni, but i managed to grab one with Mango juice, then Apple and lychee popping pearls and Mixed jellies. IMG_6617

On our last night we said we were only going to order a few bits and just snack. Turns out it ended up not being a few bits. We had A plate of different meats and cheese. A salad with literally everything on and some Patatas Bravas (spicy potatoes). It was all SO nice though.. IMG_6637

Standard “flying so i’m gonna take a photo of clouds” photo.. IMG_6655

I had the most amazing time exploring Madrid properly this time and literally can’t wait to go back. We managed to get our standard flights for just over £100 for both of us and the apartment was only £126 for 4 people. We upgraded and stuff so it cost a little more. But it’s really easy to go to Madrid for cheap!

Bees xo 






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