Finally – That Lazy Sunday.

I really don’t have much to write, because its literally been.. That Lazy Sunday.

Last night we finally got a night in with 0 plans.

Yesterday we were supposed to go out for the day but we it ended up that we couldn’t go last minute. So we waited in, then nipped out then went back to mine.

We grabbed food and planned an early night watching all of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. That didn’t go to plan as we both nodded off at like 5, and didn’t wake up until 10.. We ended up pulling a quilt onto the sofa and watching Final destination 5.. I didn’t even know there was 5.. Confirmed: Shouldn’t be 5. It was awful..

We went to bed and agreed to stay up really late so we’d both have a lay in. 10 minutes later i was asleep.. and woke up at 10 this morning. Absolute nightmare.

Today we’ve sat and watched so much rubbish on TV, done a tiny bit of online shopping for our new bedroom (mostly me, mostly fairy lights and cute stuff)

I’ve sorted out my funding and confirmed my Uni course to start in July and Dan’s sat and played football manager.. ALL Day.


We vaguely moved. I went downstairs and made us breakfast. Dan had eggy bread and a fry up.. ( he didn’t cook this…)IMG_7344

I had fried bacon, sausages and cinnamon french toast COVERED and cooked in syrup.. it was lush. IMG_7339

We’ve literally been moving our room around, sorting bits out and being lazy for the entire day. It’s been bliss. Looking outside I’m kinda feeling like we’ve wasted the day, but  I wouldn’t have changed a single part of it.. My mums been coming to talk to us all day too, trying to persuade us to move and do something fun.. yeah, no.

Now were finally going to put Pirates of the Caribbean on (Dan’s never seen any of these.. weird right?) and order a takeaway.

Literally, a perfect Sunday before working until 2am tomorrow..

Bees xo 


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One thought on “Finally – That Lazy Sunday.”

  1. if you read the actual blog post you’ll see I’m a size 6-8 myself with an eating disorder. the entire point of the post was because the image was taken from style and curved mag isntagram last year and i was arguing the fact everyone was equal. the entire point of the post it to show how unfair the image is. the post itself can be found on a little lower down.

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