Basic Every Day Make-Up Bag.

I’m a massive makeup hoarder that hates throwing anything away. It got to the point where i had to take 3 different makeup bags to Dan’s so I sorted it all out now to all my ‘Basics’ that I couldn’t possibly leave the house without.. IMG_6993

I’ve tried every foundation you can think of. I have dry / combination skin and started to think that I couldn’t get a better foundation then MAC. I tried Estee Lauder double wear and it’s amazing. It stays on literally until you take it off. It doesn’t transfer or make you break out either. Plus theres so weird smell like their is with MAC. It doesn’t come with a pump on the bottle which is a little annoying cause its a glass bottle so you can’t squeeze it. It’s £28 in boots at the minute so I better stock up…IMG_7355

I love love love the MAC Pro Long wear concealer. Loads of people say it’s to thick and if you put it on with a brush it is. If you try with a beauty blender it lasts all day and doesn’t cake up. IMG_7356

Depending on what i’m doing.. If i have a lot of liner on then the Benefit “They’re real!” mascara is really good. It completely coats your lashes but you need to buy the remover to take it off, else it WILL pull your lashes out. The Maxfactor masterpiece max mascara is amazing and seriously under rated. IMG_7357

I was using the NYX Vinyl liquid eyeliner in black, but it leaked in my makeup bag on holiday and ruined loads of stuff. I’ve had another one since then which also leaked. So yeah, don’t buy this.. I’m now using the NYX Epic Ink liner. It goes on like a brush tip felt pen and stays on ALL DAY. It’s really black too and doesn’t dry out. IMG_7358

Make up revolution contour pallet. Some people say it’s greesey. I find that if you put it on in small layers it’s totally fine. Make sure you use a beauty blender too.

I bought the cutest blusher on holiday in Madrid. It was 6 euros from Druni. Theres so much of it and it’s got loads of pigment too! IMG_7361IMG_7362

I’m currently using the photo loving primer from NYX in green. My face is really red at the minute so it covers the redness up. It’s a little oily but it does the job. IMG_7363

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have HOOLA by benefit. It’s the best. As you can see mines pretty battered so say the least. I’ve had it for 14 Months + and it’s getting to the point I really do need a new one but theres still so much powder left inside it! IMG_7364

I got the NYX No filter powder from work. Everyone raved about it so I was expecting good things. As long as you let your foundation dry before you use it, theres literally no need to reapply throughout the day. It lasts ALL day.

The Benefit Read Set BROW! Brow gel is really good. The only issue with it is that its clear. It keeps all the hairs in place but they used to do one that came in different shades and I kinda miss my brown one.. IMG_7366

Freedom Eyebrow pomade in soft brown and MAC True Brunette fluid line brow gel creme are on my brows every day. I’m pretty sure the MAC one is an eyeliner but it works really well and doesn’t smudge so.. a lot of people use the ABH dip brow but mine dried up after a week so i refuse to pay £25+ for more. IMG_7367

Sarah gave me this eyebrow pencil and its amazing! She said it came in a big set. It’s from Soap and glory and the highlight side of it is amazing and blends super easy!IMG_7368

Something from the Make-up revolution pallet in GIRL PANIC and MAC I’m into it go on my eyes every day and then ALWAYS MAC Nylon to highlight my eyes. All these shadows have loads of pigment and don’t cream up too.

I love love love my Spectrum brushes. I have the entire unicorn set pretty much twice. There really soft and precise. Plus they’re easy to use. If you sign up to their website you get 10% off too.IMG_7370

When we were in Madrid I fell in love with this highlighter. I wasn’t going to buy it cause it was like 30 euros but Dan persuaded me too. This may be one of the best things he’s ever done.. You need less than a drop and it goes on so easy. I’ve used this every single day most times twice a day (when i re do my makeup for work in the evening) and i’ve still only used the stuff in the lid.IMG_7373

all this makeup is what I’d use on a daily basis.


Bees xo



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