How is it already June?!


So, it’s June and this uni year feels like its gone SO quick. I’ve met and got close got some really amazing people, and most of them will be gone soon!

I started to move my room around the other day, to work out what i wanna keep and what i don’t when i move out.. it’s a LONG job.

I went through all my books and found this. I bought it from urban outfitters like 2 years ago. I’m yet to fill any of it in though. It’s literally what it says on the front. A book with 642 different things to write about in. I can’t wait to have some time this summer to start it. IMG_8219

As procrastinating goes, I sat in the garden and ended up being out there for hours. I love my mums garden, its so pretty. It has little water falls, various ponds and water features too. It’s pretty massive too! IMG_8222

We got really bored the other day and decided to cook cause I feel like i hadn’t properly in ages! We cooked BBQ ribs, buttered corn, made some coleslaw and grilled some watermelon and lime to have with it. It was really tasty and ALL Gluten Free!

I’ve been feeling really tired and low this week. I’ve not eaten much and I kept getting really dizzy and getting headaches at work. I worked out how much i’d been drinking and it was next to nothing. I was talking to my friend Cat about it (@LadyLawStudent) and the next day she bought this super cute water bottle to work for me! It holds like a litre of water and has definitely helped me remember to drink throughout the day! I’m starting to feel better already! IMG_8277

There was a Lime Crime sale on and I ordered some lipsticks, i’ll do a separate post about them with my opinion and some swatches too.

It’s been a crazy week at work because it’s been end of exams week, so I haven’t really done much apart from pack bits up and work!

Hopefully i’ll post something slightly more interesting this week, we’ll see! 

Bees xo 

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