#SundayFunday – Broken Car!


It’s time for the #SundayFunday blog post! 

So, Me and Dan had the most amazing weekend planned. The last couple of Fridays when we’ve stayed at his, if he’s been out at the event i work at we’ve got take away at like 4am and eaten it when we got in at his infront of the TV in PJ’s and not worried about the time. I REALLY love doing this, my sleeping pattern is a mess at the best of times because of my job. Dan goes home on Wednesday and he isn’t moving back until like October time, so stuff like this really matters even if it does seem so silly to other people!

Saturday we were having a Netflix and chill day because we didn’t go to sleep at his until around 7am and Sunday i’d planned a trip to Matlock Bath, with cable cars, walks, wellies, and basically loads of cute stuff that costs next to nothing (because everyone loves a 2p arcade machine)!

This plan failed.

Saturday went perfectly, until we drove home and massive bit of metal fell off my car.

So today has consisted of bed days, food, football manager and basically being lazy.

I’ve felt really ill at work this week, so actually, I kinda think this is what I needed.

Although I was really bummed out that we didn’t really get to do much, i’ve had a really nice day.

Last night when we got in, Dan and my step dad moved stuff around to set a DVD player up in my room so we could watch Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

I’m and absolute nightmare when I’m mardy or in a bad mood, but the fact they did this instantly put me in a good mood cause it meant I could watch something Harry Potter related.

We lit the candles, put the DVD on, then we chilled. We had planned this amazing late night with loads of DVD’s and netflix.. We were both fast asleep half way through the film… OOOPS!


We eventually woke up and it’s Sunday which means we HAD to have a fry up. I thought we were having breakfast but it ended up being at gone 1pm..


It was SO good though.. IMG_8312

I’ve literally done nothing fun today. I’ve had the biggest chill day catching up with Keeping up with the Kardashians, messaging possible brand reps back, attempting to pack a little more, Oh! and we’ve house hunted more.. a little bit. A very very little bit.. IMG_8366

Next weekend is the Summer Ball at work, so expect a much better post with me actually moving out my room! This week at work we’ve got £1 drinks, Krispy Kremes and 2 massive weekend events. I’m so excited to see everyone!

Bees xo 

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