#SundayFunday – It’s TOO hot!

On Friday Dan Surprised me and came up on Friday night before i went to work instead of Saturday! I’d been pretty grumpy all week from over worrying and being a massive girl about not seeing him!


It’s like a weekend tradition now. EVERY Saturday Dan gets a fry up and most Sundays too! So me and my mum keep seeing who can buy the best stuff for the best fry up etc..


It’s like 30 degrees this weekend which to me is insane, we live in the UK.. I swear it’s never this hot?! So we decided to eat in the garden..IMG_9261

I found out my step dad grew fruit and veg in the garden too, literally didn’t realise until my niece pointed out some strawberries on a  random plant.IMG_9100

Everyone else is having the best time, we’ve got all the Family over andddd I’m stuck with the worlds worst hay fever, can’t see due to streaming eyes but its totally worth sitting outside with my niece and two nephews! IMG_9269

Sunday Sunday & it’s actually Sunny, Of course this means a BBQ! IMG_9258

Being gluten free people get a lot more excited about BBQ’s than i do. I just like all the different salads. Mint salad is my favourite, it’s made from Fresh mint, Cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, white wine vinegar and olive oil. It’s SO good, my mum had it at a Spanish restaurant years ago and now we always bug her to make it! IMG_9267

I wore the cutest shorts today. It comes as a two piece from boohoo.com for £12! The tops exactly the same print as the bottoms and it’s so light weight, they’ve still got them now and they’re perfect to chuck on, on a hot day! IMG_9366

We stayed in this weekend cause it was just TOO hot to do anything else. I had a really fun weekend playing far too much swing ball and sitting in a child’s paddling pool though!

Until next week,
Bees xo 

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