10 things I learnt after I looked after a little person for a week..

So, I’m auntie Sezz.

..Im the fun one, the loud one, the one that fills them with cake and sugar and runs around with them. I’m the one that covers them in glitter and face paints them on normal days, shares my sephora pallet with them and spend hours up on hours of time building lego – But theres always other adults around.

I took my niece to Disney land for her 6th birthday with Dan, she had the most amazing time and i totally regret non of it, but Oh My GOD, i learnt ALOT!

It was her first time flying, being away from her mom without my mom (her granny) being around for a week and also her first time abroad.

  1. The Trunkie is NOT your friend, it hits you in the ankle repeatedly.. But it’s okay because when they get tired you can sit them on it and they hold on to the horn type things and boom, it’s basically a ride..


2. Unless they’re sitting on said trunkie, they’re Miss independent and want to pull it themselves around the airport, which obviously when flying from Luton is great idea, it’s not like its super busy or anything… *Sarcasm*


3. Chocolate cake isn’t lunch. When we’re at family parties every kid knows to come to me for pudding cause i’ll go OTT with them.. I actually made her have a meal of pasta first.. Also if theres a way of giving them sorbet instead of ice cream – do it, it’s less sugar apparently?! –  I was proud, is this the first step on being a responsible adult?


4. Little peoples first flight is an experience in itself. “OMG THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER” “OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING” “OMG I WANT TO GO ON A PLANE EVERYDAY!”

Bonus – she wasn’t scared.  IMG_1582

oh look.. her Trunkie being pulled by herself.. again. Just before i tripped over it.IMG_1585

5. If theres something to climb, they climb it. It does not matter how big or small it is, it doesn’t even matter what it is, if theres a way to climb it.. they will. Before this holiday i was the one that encouraged climbing, piggy backs, and jumping off stuff…IMG_1665

Climbing.. again.IMG_1670

6. £3.50 for a normal slush, or £9 for a slush that comes in a plastic cup? Obviously it’s the second choice! The more expensive version is always the best and most wanted. It’s also going to be held by the little people for about 20 minutes until its too cold for their hands and you end up carrying it instead! Oh! and if theres an opportunity to be carried or piggy backed or have a shoulder ride, they will take it. Their legs get tired within 2.12 seconds and then boom, you’re a human horse. IMG_1683

7. They could be obsessed with meeting a certain person (Hers was Darth Vader instead of princesses) We did tell her he was from the dark side, but NO! She HAD to meet him. So on day two, off we went! We queued up for 40 minutes, we met him, and oh my god this kid was clinging to my leg in fear, to the point i had to carry her out, and then we did princesses. She still won’t talk about her Darth Vader experience other than “he’s the worst person in the world, he’s horrible and i never want to see him again!”

Then we moved on to the princesses.. This was a MUCH better idea!

8. Face paint. I faceprint the little people at home, but obviously i don’t work in disney, so £13.50 for faceprint at Disneyland is a bargain! It’s even better when 20 minutes later they’ve smudged it on every part of their body and they wanted it off now. How many baby wipes will this take?IMG_1912

9. Speaking of baby wipes – Baby wipes are magical. They remove everything. Food, Drink, Too hot? baby wipe yourself. Covered in food? Baby wipe yourself. Toilet ran out of toilet paper? Baby wipe, and as for ice cream.. they’re great! Why don’t i just carry them usually? Baby wipes may have been my best accessory at Disneyland.. I’m not even joking. These things are like gold dust! Oh, and the travel packets? I salut whoever came up with this idea – You are incredible Mr Mini pack baby wipe man.

You have to pack for EVERY possibility. 30 degrees but staying for the parade and fire works? You need a night time outfit, plus sun cream for the day, Anti-bacteraial gel, obviously baby wipes (have i mentioned how great they are yet?) Everything and anything.

Little one got attached to this leaf she wanted to take home for her leaf collection, as we were a few hours flight away we decided a photo would be a good idea, then we made a wish and let the leaf blow away with it’s little leaf friends.. IMG_2001

You get them a new toy, and this toy becomes life. Rapunzel. Her long hair covered in ketchup a day in, i did a good 54322345 plaits in her hair, we played hair dressers, she couldn’t go in a bag! She’s a princess! So, we had to carry Rapunzel around the airport and she also went on her first flight… I dread to think what might have happened if we’d lost Rapunzel. She even needed to wash her hands after the bathroom.. IMG_2004IMG_2032IMG_2035

10. The most important thing i learnt was that this little human is incredible. She has so much courage and intelligence for such a little human being and i am so incredibly proud of her. Watching her grow up and teaching her how to do things etc is the greatest gift i could be given. I’m so proud of her. My Little best friend xo


The day after we got home and she went back to her mums i felt like id lost my trust little sidekick! There was no one there to “help” me brush my teeth, brush my hair and pull half my weave out, or try and sleep in my tshirts instead of their own!  It’s a good job she rang us the next day to ask if we were okay and to tell us she missed us. This made it totally okay for me to be needy and ring her later on too!

Also – it’s tiering! How can they go to bed late after the fireworks etc, yet wake up so early!? Sleep little people, sleep!

And yet, i can’t wait to do this all over again. I wouldn’t change a single bit go this for anything in the entire world!

Bees xo 

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