NARS – What have you done?!

It’s a sad day when the beauty brand NARS decided money was more important than morals.


NARS is a massive beauty line that has been in the news for all the best reasons – The beauty line is famous for it’s cheeky names (Orgasm blush for example) – And they have, in my opinion the best concelar out there, plus their lipsticks are great with long lasting colours and they don’t dry your lips out either.

NARS had always taking a stance on animal testing, but sadly they are no longer cruelty-free.

Last week, the NARS brand announced that they are planning to branch out and begin sales in China.

In China animal testing is mandatory for all cosmetics companies by law. So despite the fact that products bought elsewhere will still have cruelty-free status, those bought in China will have to have been tested on animals. There for, NARS as a brand are now longer a cruelty free brand – that is against animal testing.

Hundreds of people took to Instagram to comment on the change, with a lot of people saying that NARS had put it’s ‘money over it’s principles’ (which clearly it has) and others sharing the hashtag #boycottnars.

NARS then replied on their Official Instagram page @Narsissist –


NARS are owned by the ‘Shiseido Group’ who also own BareMinerals.

NARS is known famously for it’s other methods of cosmetics testing, saying that they’re ‘committed to advancing alternative testing methods and fighting for the elimination of animal testing worldwide.’

It’s a shame NARS felt the need to broaden into China – knowing China’s law and about it’s treatment to animals including animal testing – I guess Money really does come before morals – when you go from a Non testing on animals company to deciding that lining your pocket is more important.

I guess NARS is just another one to check off the list then.

Bees xo 

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