We’re too busy documenting our lives to enjoy it.


So I guess the title of this blog kind of makes me a hypocrite, cause I’m about to document my life over the last few weeks, but maybe by the end of it, it will make more sense.

I work on social media a lot, and never will I, nor would i ever do anything to jeopardise that – i love my job, so the whole point of this blog post is personal social media.

I’ve decided to take a break from my personal social media – Twitter and Instagram mostly.


When it gets to the point when you fall asleep when you’re on your own looking at your phone and wake up and the first thing you do is look at your phone, this isn’t healthy.

I found myself doing this, i found myself comparing myself to people on so many levels. Their relationships with people, their weight, their clothes, everything and anything- and before i knew it, i really didn’t like myself very much.

People measure themselves with likes on Instagram. You can say you don’t, but you do. I’d post stuff most days and spend ages picking the perfect filter, the perfect location, letting my food get cold to take a photo at 4 different angles. WHY? What’s the point? So i get a few more likes on a photo? I’d put stuff on my plate, just to make it look better and i found myself not even eating half of it.

Weight wise i found myself comparing myself to people, knowing i wasn’t as skinny as i was last year. We’ll just miss a meal here, cut this out of my diet here and then i’ll feel like utter shit, but it’s fine right? Along as your “Body Goals”.

Oh Shit! A tweet went “viral” tell me more how that makes you a better person as someone who gets 3 retweets? – It doesn’t. At all. But it’s 2017. My niece asked me how many likes we got on a photo of us and that hit me. I get she probably didn’t say it because she was bothered about it in the same way as i’d be, but the last thing i’d want is for her to be growing up around some one that found social media so important to them.

How many of you roll over and check your phone first thing in the morning? You find yourself sitting there looking at this person and this person. Do you really care about this girls new hair colour? Or this guys new trainers? No. Yet there you are, liking the post, as if it matters.

Everyone is going to judge you. Whether it’s what shoes your wearing, how much your jumper was, or what car your driving. Why give them more ammunition by posting it all over your social media – it’s just an excuse for people to talk about you and put you down.

Yesterday i found out someone i thought i was okay with had blocked me on every form of social media and decided to go against me and my boyfriend morally – and that feeling sucked big time, but if i wasn’t on social media, i wouldn’t have found out. Did i need to look through 3/4 profiles? (Admittedly i was messaging her to offer her a MAC eye shadow palette i hadn’t used, but hey..) – I’m still going to see them, so why did this bother me so much?

Just as some people annoy you with their tweets or posts, there are others that can’t stop bragging about themselves. If you’re constantly reading about how fabulous your friends lives are, it starts making you feed inadequate – like you don’t measure up.  Is it really worth the blow to your self-esteem?

It’s so easy to overshare online too, you feel like everyone you’re sharing with you know – because you’re doing it from your phone or laptop. – This clearly isn’t the case. Do you really know ‘Becca’ who lives in London who you’ve never met, why are you sharing photos of your kids with her?

How many times do you see people messaging others like “yeah lets meet up!” “we should so grab good!” “lets catch up!” ? –

I’m legit the worst for this. It encourages artificial relationships with your friends. I get the whole “we don’t need to talk every day to know were friends”. I find myself seeing my actual friends less and less, but because i talk to them on twitter and leave comments on Instagram, for some reason we all think this is perfectly acceptable – and it isn’t.

It’s time to stop – put your phone down, and connect with people through a phone call or visit them instead of relying on 140 character updates and status’.

I guess what i’m trying to say is, I need a break from personal social media to actually spend time with people i love and care about, without a phone in my hand.

NON Of this is going to matter in a few years, so why does it matter so much now?

Stop getting distracted by followers – Ignore your likes, ignore your retweets and spend actual time with people you care about. Enjoy your life without the need to document every single part of it.

Bees xo 

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