Hello September!

Hey! i’ve been super busy the last few weeks (blog posts coming about this) but i’m back before i take another break for Freshers at the end of the month!

It’s finally September! 
September is my FAVOURITE month of the year because it’t when the seasons change to Autumn! – And Autumn is clearly the best season for many reasons – I like summer, it’s warm, it’s hot, it’s when i take the most time off work, but I feel like i can’t buy over priced hot drinks and justify being cold or staying in bed all day with 6 Movies and a box set in the Summer either.

So here’s a list of why Autumn is the best..


Jumpers, Cardigans, Jackets, Sweaters, Wool in general – You can buy 2343 new ones and justify it. Theres some really cute ones in New Look at the moment too! You can throw one on top of another every time your slightly cold and call it an outfit.

Brisk Breeze.

It’s chilly, but it’s not freezing like Winter is. Plus as above – you can add layers and still look cute AF.

Eskimo Kisses To Warm The Nose.

Eskimo kisses also mean you don’t smudge your lipstick, hence why darker shades of browns, reds and purples are dropped into store at the start of September. I LOVE darker shades, so eskimo kisses work fine with me..


It’s cold enough for Tea, Coffee or OTT Hot Chocolates.

You can justify making (or stopping in cute little cafes) for Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate and don’t have to order everything iced. IMG_5358

One Pot Meals.

Warm stews, curries and one pot meals! Throw everything into a pot and let it cook slowly – Theres SO many recipes online too!


I mean, i light candles ALL year, but then get moaned at cause it makes our bedroom too hot (kinda makes sense) but in Autumn the days are shorter, nights are longer, so candles become something you can definitely justify lighting to make your room look cuter. Fairy lights too!

Blankets, Cuddling, Books, Box Sets. 

You can justify getting up in the morning, showering putting fresh PJ’s on and then climbing back into bed for the entire day. It’s chilly outside and probably raining, so lets do this.. You also don’t get too hot in bed and stick to one another… no matter how close you are or how long you’ve been together thats pretty gross.



Everything looks different, so it’s like a new walk. I LOVE going to Matlock in the Autumn. The Leaves have fallen, they decorate with lights everywhere and you can walk and walk with so much to see and do. Including the illuminations which are on every weekend in September.

Colourful leaves:

Is there a lot of stuff better then feeling the leaves crunching under your feet and kicking them around? Autumn makes everything look prettier.

Bonfires and wood burners.

My little brother LOVES a wood burner. On Sunday after dinner he went straight into the garden to light it – this is the perfect excuse to roast marshmallows too!



Sandals are away until next Summer, out comes every type of sock you can think of. Knee high socks are so okay in Autumn too! I wear these every possibility i get – They instantly make your outfit look cuter and keep your legs warm at the same time – its win win.


The smell of cinnamon is everywhere! It goes into hot chocolates, cookies, cakes everything. I LOVE cinnamon!



Ugg boots, ankle boots, Timberlands, it doesn’t matter which, your feet are ALWAYS cosy.

Pumpkins & Halloween.

Autumn is Halloween and this is my absolute favourite holiday even if it is originally american. I LOVE dressing up, going OTT on faceprint and going to pick my own pumpkin to calve it! I’m really bad at it, do an awful job, but hey! It’s fun..


I think i was supposed to be a clown here? I have no idea why, I’m terrified of clowns.IMG_5367

Pumpkin Carving.

Awful pumpkin, it has a Bee on it though and like i said above, it was fun.. ish.IMG_5368

I went to work like this. This is why Autumn and Halloween is so great. IMG_5369


Halloween means scare fest – I LOVE Scarefest at Alton Towers, I Didn’t go last year which sucked cause I had tickets. Dan hates rides though, so I guess some peer pressure will have to be put on him so he comes this year! I already messaged two of his friends last month to make sure they find dates to come with.. failing that, they can take each other!

And of course..


The end of September and most of October is filled with the Fresh Festival (Freshers fortnight events) and the Halloween Festival (Halloween events).

I work in events so i’m super lucky to be able to be a part of these every year. I’m about to do my 5th Freshers. The office is loads smaller now, so i have to be less annoying and over excited – But I think i’m actually more excited than ever!


Bees xo


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