“You can’t make people love you, but you can make them fear you.” – GG xoxo


So, Yesterday night (21:58 – Monday 6th November) – Hearts were broken as Kristina Cohen accused Ed Westwick of rape in his own home.


Ed Westwick is a British actor who’s known mostly for his role as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. If you’ve watched gossip girl, you will know after season 2, there is no way of not falling in love with Chuck Bass.. This being said, Chuck Bass is a CHARACTER – He isn’t Ed Westwick.


Kristina decided to report the ‘incident’ on Facebook. Yes Facebook, a social media platform. Not the police – Facebook.

Before today her posts were getting 3-5 comments but this one has obviously got huge because of the nature of it – with 11.6k reactions, 9k comments, 1.3k shares – and it’s still growing.

I’m not for a second am i victim blaming, nor am i taking sides, but it’s hard when in my opinion, the story doesn’t add up – and i for one, have so many questions. Her Facebook post is below –

I have SO many questions about this :

  1. If you went with your producer boyfriend, why is he not named? –  He bought her to Ed’s house, he’s also in the wrong for not letting her leave.
  2. If you’re feeling uncomfortable and leaving in 20 minutes, why would you then head to a spare room?
  3. Why and HOW would you manage to fall asleep if you were feeling that comfortable in a strangers house?
  4. Why have no other witnesses been named and only Ed?

I have loads more, but the main question –

WHY is this posted on a Facebook status and not taken to the police? 

Social media is losing their minds at this right now. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? What, so if its posted on social media, it must be true?


I live in a semi detached house and i drive a fiesta, my boyfriend certainly isn’t the king of England either. – See where I’m going with this?

So basically, Ed has been accused of raping Kristina. No matter how this post comes across, i am fully against that. But where is the proof? It’s near enough impossible to find proof of someone raping someone especially 3 years later – but i want to see proof – before someones life is destroyed.

It takes so much strength for Kristina to stand up for herself, and for her to tell the truth. But at present – no one knows the truth.


Why are people saying he’s guilty because of Season one of gossip girl? He’s and actor – it’s a script. The fact people are using this as an argument is pathetic – it’s no argument at all.

It’s the same as saying Daniel Radcliffe can produce magic from a stick. He’s an actor. So this argument is invalid.

People need to stop believing everything they read on social Media. Stop jumping on people – just because of ONE post. You don’t know if it’s true, you don’t know that it’s not. The last thing you should be doing is jumping on someone to ruin their career and reputation purely from a Facebook post – cause right now, that is what it is.

Kristina posted this on Social media, knowing it would take the publics attention and knowing what it would cause.

When proof is out there, i’ll take a side, until then, Don’t jump on someone without proof – a Facebook post IS NOT PROOF. A lot of people have said Kristina had an entire story and that Ed only had 3 lines. Saying he didn’t rape her. How is her writing a longer post “proof” that isn’t proof? I don’t get it..


Both Ed and Kristina have fans, so their fans are clearly going to take their sides, he’s famous, he’s hot – But Kristina is also famous and pretty, she has her own fans.

I guess i take back what i originally said – Yeah, I’m defending him, as most people aren’t. This doesn’t mean I’m choosing his side, I’m not picking a side until i have more proof then a Facebook post.

And for what its worth, Leighton never followed Ed on social media in the first place..
Sit down.img_0790

So now, it’s getting late, i’m off to re-watch Gossip Girl – Peace out. 



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