GF – Christmas Desserts

So it’s coming towards the end of November which means most people are in Christmas shopping mode! Whether is presents and gifts or food, everyone loves new things and products – and of course a bargain!

We went to ASDA at Fosse Park and had a look at their Christmas Gluten Free range of deserts – and we were pleasantly surprised!

It’s not that long ago that even getting a cake or a loaf of bread that didn’t resemble a door stop or a brick was impossible – so ASDA, You’ve stepped up, and we’re all very grateful!

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£1.50 for 4 gluten free mince pies?! This is mad, they’re usually £2 each from the bakery near me! 5060227120719_280_IDShot_3

This Christmas cake is from the ‘Extra Special’ range… and it better be extra special for £6.50..5060227120702_280_IDShot_3

He’s no Colin the Caterpillar, but he is Roddy the Reindeer and thats enough for me! He’s £6, so if your birthdays in December.. This is a must! 5060227120696_280_IDShot_3

Again from the “Extra Special” range is this Yull Log. I’ve actually tried this, It has ALOT of icing but its really nice with some cream poured over it! It’s £4.50, but you don’t need a huge slice to calm the sugar crave!5054781765202_280_IDShot_3

I NEED to try this Chocolate and salted caramel naked layered gateau. I’ve been back a few times and it’s always out of stock – If anyone tries this, let me know how it is please! It’s £6.50, which again, nearly £7 for a cake is ALOT. 5054781729587_280_IDShot_3

I really want to try this gingerbread tree kit! It’s £3. I had their ginger bread kit last year and it was really heavy and pretty dry. Fingers crossed this recipe is different! 5054781745181_280_IDShot_3

£4 Christmas cupcakes for £2.50.. They’re basically asking you to buy 2 boxes at once!5054781745204_280_IDShot_3

This Red Velvet loaf cake is AMAZING! It’s £3. I was worried it was going to be really dry, but it isn’t at all. This will definitely be eaten a few times a week as the cake itself is pretty big and comes in a resealable container.5054781749561_280_IDShot_3

This Ice Christmas cake is £2.60, and also resembles a door stop, or brick.. I’d pay a little more and get the “Extra Special” one..5054781749578_280_IDShot_3

Again, I haven’t been able to find these yet,  but you get 6 for just £1.20. Perfect as a snack for yourself or a little one! 5054781544043_280_IDShot_3

This christmas pudding was actually really heavy and stodgy. It’s £1.50 but it isn’t very big. Its an individual pudding but i prefer the Free From ASDA’s own Christmas Pudding Below.. 5054781052913_280_IDShot_3

This Christmas pudding is £3, it’s bigger and also tastes a lot more amazing! It doesn’t sit as heavy and isn’t as stodgy either. It’s really nice and i’d totally recommend trying it. You can scoop it out the container if you don’t want to eat it all at once too.

So! Exciting news, if you look in the fridge isle, with the normal desserts, theres loads that aren’t actually labeled as Gluten Free – but if you read through the ingredients they actually are!

This Belgian Chocolate and salted caramel roulade is £4 and its huge! It can easily be pudding for 5 people.  5054781123132_280_IDShot_3

Not feeling in a chocolate mood? Try the Sicilian Lemon and Mascarpone roulade – it’s also £4 and is the same size as the chocolate one above. 5054781307945_280_IDShot_3

ASDA’s extra special hand finished raspberry and prosecco pavlova stack – It’s £5. I haven’t found it yet as it’s always sold out. This is one i HAVE to try asap though, it looks amazing!

It’s only £2.50 for 2 toffee and pecan roulades! Thats £1.25 each.. I could only manage half of one and i have a massive sweet tooth! 5054781795629_280_IDShot_3

If you want something slightly less sweet (only slightly less) then they also sell Raspberry Roulades too! They’re the same size and again they’re £2.50.5054781795636_280_IDShot_3

The ASDA Extra Special Belgian Chocolate and black forest meringue was SO GOOD! This is definitely one to eat after a family meal or when you’re sat in bed and want to binge eat sweet things with a chick flick on – it’s £6 though.. so not a dessert for every week! 5054781795667_280_IDShot_3

And lastly, the Belgian Chocolate and salted caramel pavlova wreath. I didn’t like this, it was way, way, WAY too sweet for me! Maybe in very small amounts i’d actually manage a portion! This is £6.5054781795674_280_IDShot_3

Found any other Christmassy Gluten Free Goodies in ASDA? Drop me a message and let me know so I can try them!


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One thought on “GF – Christmas Desserts”

  1. ASDA is definitely one of the better supermarkets when it comes to gluten free food. Marks and Spencer is also good but it’s a bit on the expensive side! That chocolate and salted caramel gateau looks to die for!

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