Black Friday Grabs

It’s November, it’s freezing and as much as I love a bargain and shopping, even I’m not getting caught up in shops on Black Friday unless I’m desperate…

This is the thought I had until i realised I needed shoes for a wedding the following day. So in the car we jumped and off to Fosse Park we went..

I got some decent things though. I looked online and BooHoo were offering quite a bit of money off. I’m pretty sure it was up to 50%. I have a love hate relationship with BooHoo – Love their prices, hate their customer service..

I managed to get this top which is really thick and warm for £4.

This jacket had been on the website for coming up to a year priced at £75. Anywhere else i’d have bought it, but BooHoo £75?! Not a chance.. On Black Friday I managed to grab the last size 6 for £24.dzz53006_black_xl_2

I got two of these body suits, both £4 each too. dzz89988_grey marl_xl

We went to boots and after looking around I wasn’t too impressed. I did manage to bag a bottle of my favourite perfume for £25 instead of £60 though. 617aoEPmHdL._SX522_

I was worried about what to wear at the wedding on the Saturday so I grabbed this dress whilst we were out. It was reduced from £25 to £14. It’s a really cute dress it just doesn’t suit me at all, so I’m going to take it back this week. shell-pink-sequin-embroidered-mesh-tunic-dress

I needed shoes so grabbed these. They were £9 instead of £20. I didn’t expect much but they were actually really comfy! I managed to wear them the entire day of the wedding without my feet hurting in the slightest! black-suedette-ankle-strap-block-heels

I didn’t get much, but at the same time more than enough! – What did you manage to grab?!


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