My Top 10 Christmas Films

So, the question is; is there anything better then coming in from work when it’s freezing and raining outside, putting on PJ’s and climbing into bed with a Christmas film and hot chocolate?!

Okay Okay, So I know it’s still November but in my defence SKY have had a Christmas channel since before halloween (they got rid of it for Halloween weekend but then it came back). So of course i’ve been taking every spare moment I have to watch Christmas films!

Heres my top 10 Christmas films (not in any order, because the top 10 simply can’t be put in any order!)

  1. The Grinch

    UnknownEveryone loves The Grinch – and if they claim they don’t, they’re lying. It’s always the first Christmas film on in our house.

  2. Home Alone

    My nephew LOVES home alone, he watched it last year for the first time. He’s 9 now and thought it was hilarious.. Which to be honest, watching a kid save the day and battle burglars makes my Christmas every year. We did have to tell him not to do any of it though!

  3. Arthur Christmas

    Arthur Christmas is a new ish Christmas film. It was out in 2011. It’s about which of Santa’s sons will take over to be the next Santa and a lot of special secret agent elves. It’s a really good watch and my niece and nephews get it on DVD every year and we have to hide it, else they end up watching it ALL year! I’m pretty sure it’s on our SKY planner all year too…

  4. The Holiday

    The Holiday is an American romance comedy. It was out in 2006 and my boss at work told me to watch it. I cried.. It’s such a funny film but i won’t say anymore. I fully recommend watching it!

  5. Elf

    “Buddy the elf, what’s your favourite colour?!”
    Elf is Elf – enough said really! Everybody loves elf and if you say you don’t, well..
    “You sit on a thorne of lies!”.

  6. The Muppets Christmas Carol

    The Muppets Christmas Carol was released the year after I was born – in 1992! Yet I still watch it atleast 3 times every christmas! Even now at 26, it drives my mum mad and she still hates it.. It’s a great film and the fact it’s the muppets makes it even better! It’s the normal Christmas carol film and story of Christmas… But better! 26 Christmas’ later and i’ll be watching this, as usual!

  7. The Polar Express

    The Polar express is magical! We take my niece and nephews on the Santa express every year, so they’re convince they’ve been on the Polar Express! I love this film so much, it’s a Christmas eve film!

    .. and Christmas day, and boxing day.

  8. Miracle on 34th Street

    A Miracle on 34th street is the film I climb into bed every year on Christmas eve and put on without fail, hoping to fall asleep early so i can wake up early. It never works though, it’s too lively and it makes me just want to go shopping..

  9. Fred Claus

    Fred Claus is on SKY every year over Christmas LOADS! It’s really funny and i can’t wait to sit my nephew down this year and watch it with him now he’s a little older!

  10. Mickey’s Once upon a Christmas

    Mickey’s once upon a Christmas is what we watch just after we’ve opened presents every year. I first got it for my 18th birthday (in February) as a joke.. Yet it’s stuck and we watch it every Christmas now. You can literally pick it up from a supermarket for around £3 too!

    And although its meant to be my favourite 10 films I need to add an 11. Just because if i don’t my boyfriend will moan…

  11.  The Snowman

    The Snowman and the Snow dog is what Dan rushes back to watch every Christmas eve.. and he argues this is single handedly the best Christmas film. So if i didn’t put it on here, there would be trouble!
    It was out in 2012, but was a book before, which was released in 1978, and we all read it when we were younger. I remember my sister being obsessed, i’m pretty sure she even had the Snowman bed sheets at one point.. We watch it on Christmas day in the evening with all the family too!

    So, who’s about to climb into bed with a Christmas film now? Cause i’ve been doing this since mid November!

    26 Sleeps till Christmas!

    BEES XO 

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