Merry Christmas – Seasons Greetings, Just Give Me The Pigs In Blankets…

Merry Christmas – Seasons Greetings, Just Give Me The Pigs In Blankets –


It’s December 25th and you’re back at my little corner of the internet, and i’ve never felt less Christmassy.


Admittedly I’m excited to sit at the table and eat way to many helpings of Christmas dinner, all the pigs in blankets and of course all of the cauliflower cheese, but other than that and seeing my little people – the rest of the day? Nah.


A few years ago i was the most over excited person on the planet when it came to Christmas. Yet now I’m kinda over it. I’m 26 years old and other than watching my niece and nephews open their presents and help them balance on their scooters (which i wouldn’t ever possibly even consider missing for the world) I kind of don’t have a plan for the rest of the day.


Christmas has changed so much since I was little. Now its all about how many presents, who spent the most, driving from A to B, C to D, and probably a Z too, all on one day.


And honestly? I can’t be bothered.


I’d much rather wake up around people I care about, not be around people that couldn’t care less about me, or that are unwelcoming or quite frankly rude – why am i stressing about these people – i’d rather chill and spend the day doing what i want to do.

So here, have 10 reasons why Christmas is overrated –


You will be skint the whole of December. 


Being kissed WAY too close to the mouth by relatives you barely know..


That thing where you go outside and it’s so cold that when you go back inside, your fingers and toes burn.


Social media becomes the worst place on the planet – do i need to see 234532 christmas dinners?


The use of #Blessed #LuckyGirl – just stop. 


You never know if you’re buying the right gifts – I put so much effort into this, and you don’t like it? Cool.


Three words: Seeing your family. – are they my family? I only see you for 3 hours at Christmas? Are you actually family or is it just that we’re “related”.


And the intense Q&A that follows.. Yes I still work in nightclubs, yes i do have a lot of tattoos, yes I’m aware my hand tattoo is a job stopper – please tell me more about how much you know me and my life when, again, i’ve seen you for 3 hours in the last 365 days..


You remember you still have to make New Year’s resolutions.. That last a day.


You know the merriment will be over far too soon. – When you FINALLY start to enjoy Christmas, it’s over and you then  have to wait another 365 days for it to happen in this order all over again..


Maybe i’ve out grown it, maybe I’m having some next level early mid life crisis.


Who knows?


Counting down the days until I fly to Barcelona and i’m stress free for a couple of days!


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