New Years Resolutions for 2018

We’re two days in to 2018, and i’ve stuck to my New Years Resolutions.. So far!

I made 10 New Years resolutions this year – and a few of them are really simple and SHOULD be easy to keep (hopefully) So lets see how it goes! 

  1. Take my make-up off properly and use proper skin care. 
    – I’m so so lazy when it comes to taking my make-up off. I take ages putting it on, but taking it off, it’s a make-up wipe if i’m lucky and can be bothered. Due to this my eyelashes fall out a lot and i always get break outs and then moan. This year i’m actually going to look after my skin.
  2. Watch my diet. 
    My weight went up and down massively in 2017. This year i’m going to make sure that i eat properly and don’t over or under eat.
  3. Save Money. 
    This year i’m going to save an amount of money a month and not go into it or take from it, i’ve downloaded a few apps and things to help me save too. I waste money a lot on things I don’t need, like make-up brushes just because I can’t be bothered to clean them. I’ve swapped my £36 foundation to £10 foundation too.. this is a massive thing for me as it has to look perfect in my opinion, else i won’t leave the house!
  4. Stop worrying what other people think. 
    I have the tendency to care about what other people think too much. Especially when they’re close to people I love or care about. After over a year, i’ve decided if you don’t like me, cool, i’ll pretend you don’t exist.
  5. Be happy. 
    I’m not going to stress about minimal things, or things that i can’t change. I’m just going to focus on myself and the things and people that i care about and put myself first. If you don’t put me first, i won’t put you first. It’s as simple as that. It’s time to be a little selfish.
  6. Read.
    I’m going to read at least 12 books this year, one a month. It sounds like a small amount but i work really odd hours, so this is harder than it seems. I take books when i go on holiday and i love getting lost in a book, rather than watching TV.
  7. Cook.
    Instead of eating out all the time, i’m going to cook and mix up recipes more. I love cooking, but again, it’s time and space and a lot of effort when i could climb into bed and nap instead.
  8. Travel.
    2017 took us to Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris Twice, Wales and more. This year I hope to do more and more little road trips around the UK and see whats here instead of always jumping on a plane.
  9. Get Healthy. 
    Walks, Runs, Squats, Whatever my app says, i’m doing. I don’t have the confidence to go to the gym, so home bits to start with is where its at!
    I’m two days in, so at least this is a start.. Right?!
  10. Drink more Water & Sleep better. 
    It’s so east to grab a can of Red Bull or grab a bottle of coke, but grabbing a bottle of water is definitely better for my body and my skin.
    I’m going to try and sleep more and get into more of a routine too (which is difficult when you work until 3am..) but we can try, right!?

If I can stick to 6/10 of these i’ll be happy, so fingers crossed… Right?! 

Bees xo 


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