Jeeze.. I’m old..Birthday Wish List.

How hard is it ..when you get old?
I’m turning 27 on Sunday and i’m convinced i’m going to have some next level midlife crisis soon about my age and everyone keeps asking what I want for my birthday..
Since it turns out time machines and getting someone to change to age on my birth certificate are either way to expensive or illegal – I made a birthday list of things i’d like – and realistically, i’ll probably buy myself at some point!


  1. The Mean Girls Burn Book Brush Bag. –


  2.  Various De’lanci pallets –
  3. Spectrum Collection Marble brush pouch –
    Marbleous Brush Belt
  4. This Super cute coat from Boohoo
  5. Number 7, light up mirror – I kinda dropped mine.. it’s cuter in silver but I cant find the link..
  6. More Jordans – cause clearly 4 pairs isn’t enough –
  7. Maple Pancake Yankee Candle – It’s impossible to find this in the UK atm..
  8. In Your Dreams – Lush Bath Set
  9. I wanna go to somewhere that does a really good gluten free afternoon tea.. But i’ve not found anywhere yet!
  10. Last but not least.. I wanna meet some Meerkats.. just because!


There is probably loads more – but I can’t really think! I thought this would be a lot easier than it is! Realistically i’m the easiest person in the world to buy for – just think, what would a 6 year old girl like?! And you’re pretty much there with my presents!

Less than 7 days till i’m old! 

Bees xo 



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