Cinnamon French Toast in 5 Minutes (Using the Genius Toastie Loaf)

I’m back, it’s been dramatic, so it’s time to fill my stomach with sugar and have a lazy weekend..

Thats right, in 5 minutes you can go from getting bits out out the fridge to putting it on the plate.. Ready?

We used the Genius Gluten Free Toastie Loaf and it works amazingly.


Crack an egg, and add a splash of milk in a wide bowl, add cinnamon to taste ( I have loads of cinnamon because I love it).

Also my bad for the boomerang, I just love them for insta!

Pop your bread into the bowl and leave it for 30 seconds on each side so it sucks up the egg mixture.IMG_2017

Turn over, make sure every part of the bread is coveredIMG_4549

Pop into a pan with a little oil, it will spit, so be careful! Fry on each side.IMG_4881

Pop onto some kitchen paper to get the oil off, serve with whatever you like.. I had smoked bacon, strawberries and syrup.  IMG_2880

Syrup is ALWAYS a good idea! IMG_6124

This is one of the easiest and tastiest breakfasts and it’s so quick to make..

Give it a go!

Bees xo 

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