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So, as you can tell, i’ve been off here for a while and not as consistent with my instagram posts too. I’ve been so crazy busy, had some issues with illness and also some issues with WordPress and themes etc.

I’m back and i’ll try that little bit harder, but heres what i’ve been doing this Summer so far..

At the start of the summer I went to Spain (blog post already posted, take a look!). Spain was good, it was hot, but it was STRESSFUL. The resort we stayed in what absolutely awful for gluten free and just in general.. I stayed there for a week and didn’t even have a bed to sleep in.. i was sleeping on sofa cushions for a week with a bottom sheet over me.. it was the absolute worse!

Paris was well and truly a nightmare and i’m still waiting for http://www.booking.com to sort it out. They seemed really helpful whilst we were there but not so much now we’re back. Still waiting for refunds and honestly – an apology.

Here’s the text I wrote with my caption on one of my insta posts – (@basicbee)

“I wouldn’t usually use this to rant but I need to warn people about a hotel that we booked through @bookingcom (not their fault at all!) – – – We just landed in Paris for our stress free mini break… Got here got in a taxi that locked us in and tried to take £150 euros from us (for a 15 minute journey). Got an Uber after 40 mins, got to the hotel paid £40 for Uber, the hotel didn’t have anyone at reception they put us in a room that was the size of a store room, didn’t have a bathroom, and a dirty sink that didn’t work, and had a bed smaller bed for both of us, no one at reception (they don’t man it so we had no one to help us feel remotely safe) so can’t get a refund for the £80, people smoking in there, doing drugs, trying to block us walking, shouting things at us, trying to get in our room, no lock on the door of the room – then we left, found another hotel which is £163 that’s the cheapest we could find.. paid another £35 in a taxi to get back here which is next to the airport, just got here, the reception are lovely, he said he didn’t have the same room for both nights for us, so we’d have to change room we said it’s fine, he went to do details and said don’t worry go to bed you look tired and stressed, he then upgraded us to a suite with that sleeps 5/6 people for the same price.. told us all about free buses to get us to places.. then rang up the room were in to check we’re okay.. and to tell us he’s moved everyone around so we can be in the same room for both nights were here.. He really is our super hero right now! It’s finally bed time, and it’s time to eat biscuits and sleep before our 7am alarm! Tomorrow (well today!) is a new day right?! 🙈😭”

The next day we went to Disney Land and actually had a really good time!

Now we’re back, thinking about it more, it is slightly booking.com’s fault. They shouldn’t have listed the hotel as a hotel when its a hostel AND they should make sure their guests are safe.. But anyway! Moving on..

It’s pretty common knowledge that I LOVE North Wales. It’s one of my favourite places in the entire world, if not my favourite.  It’s so chilled, not stressful, gluten free options are everywhere and i can dress in whatever i feel comfortable in, without feeling like i’m being judged. Theres always loads of driving in wales too, but I drive there which means i have my car, so theres no waiting around for trains or buses etc. It’s also SO pretty!
We alway stay at a place called Ogwyn Bank, and it’s honestly just so pretty. Theres so many beaches, mountains and just everything and anything you could want.

The Browns Wedding:
My friend Susie got married to her partner Adam a few weeks ago. I did her hair and her bridesmaids hair and also her makeup. It was such a good evening, and the venue was SO pretty.

Colchester – Essex: 
I went down to Colchester to see my friends. I saw Jade, Aeysha, Mem, Roger, Charlotte and Rachael. It was a good weekend and I got to BBQ on a beach type place that also had sand.. it was so CUTE though! I made sweet chilli and lime prawns, they were good!

Some of the guys i hadn’t met before, so it was SO good finally meeting them again! I’m going back down next weekend too!

House, Home and Moving:
Dan and I started buying a few bits for when we move out. We got glasses, cups, tea towels and a few other bits. We thought it would be better to start buying now then bulk buy when we move in. This way we don’t skint ourselves. We’ve worked out where we want to live now and I can’t wait to move out at the start of next year with him!

Anniversary Weekend:
At the end of August it’s 2 years since Dan and I went on our first date. He told me we could do whatever I wanted so we booked some bits! Then it turns out he needs to go and watch the football on the Saturday… SO! We’ve had to move things around and now we’re off to try “Ghetto Golf” in Birmingham. I’m actually really happy about this because i’ve wanted to try it for a while.

This Weekend:
This weekend my friend Jade is coming up from Colchester. We have SO much planned which obviously includes binge watching Greys Anatomy, letting me cook too much food and going on an adventure on Saturday.

Sunday, we’re going for breakfast and then she’s leaving me to go back home. Then i’m seeing Dan for a few hours and we’re going for afternoon (well, evening) tea!

And thats about it!
I had some amazing cookies from @Thenuttybrunchco to try last weekend, i’ll let you know how they were on my next post!

Bees xo 

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