Something a little different..Fresher’s Flu, are you real?

Fresher’s is the one time of the year where I simply have to stop blogging for a couple of weeks and focus purely on my Full time job.

So, when i’m not blogging or cooking, my full time job is working in events with thousands of students every night. 15 events in 17 events to be exact! I went home after about 5 days knowing full well I was catching it.. the dreaded freshers flu!


Freshers Flu, are you real? Hell YES!

Freshers flu is horrible, it’s a mixture of poor eating, lack of sleep and late nights, drinking most nights and of course, not wearing enough clothes on a night out! – I’m happy to say I wore many layers of clothes and didn’t drink as i was working every night, but I just didn’t get enough sleep to function and was around other people with freshers flu. I’m on my 6th freshers now and no matter how much i feel like i’m prepared for it, i never am. This year was also the first year I got freshers flu properly!

You sleep where you can.. After a few nights of next to no sleep and bad food, falling asleep wherever and anywhere you can for 20 minutes is more appealing then ever..


Little things like piggy backs with people that make you smile seem like massive things..

Bar crawl day is the longest day in history, but it’s totally worth it, eating on this day is a quick trip to Mcdonalds. I’ve never been so grateful that their fries are gluten free!

We through a Krispy Kreme Party, am i wearing these gloves for hygiene reasons or am i wearing them because i’m not getting any gluten on me… Probably the latter!


But all in all, after all the bad food and surviving on smoothies, (shout out to innocent for their “wonder green” juice keeping me half alive through freshers) i wouldn’t change it for the world!

I am very, VERY excited to cook some actual food, for my book to be posted out to you guys and of course, to sleep and do things outside of a night club.

So, this is who i am off of the internet, who knew?!

Bees xo 

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