10 Fuss-Free Gluten Free Brunch Ideas.


It’s hump day! Which means it’s 3 more sleeps until the weekend and i’m already counting down to a lazy weekend eating brunch and only leaving the house to get more food! 

Stuck for brunch ideas? Here’s a few of my favourites – 

1. One Pot Eggs – Jazz up your eggs with a solo brunch recipe, all in one-pot. From eggs with cheese and ham to chilli and avocado and my favourite – baked eggs with bacon, sausage, tomato mushroom & Beans! (No Mushrooms for me, we all knows i think they’re the devils food..) .. It’s so easy and it’s done in one pan so saves mess!


2. Breakfast wraps – Everything you put in a sandwich can go in a wrap – it’s the logic of life in 2019..


3. Pancakes – they’re so easy to cook and theres so excuse when again – they can all be done in one bowl.


4. French Toast – It’s basically eggy bread with some cinnamon, syrup and fruit – again, one of my favourites!


5. Full English Croissants – As above – if it goes in a wrap it can go in a Croissant too! Try our epic breakfast croissant recipe packed with super crispy bacon, baked beans and runny fried eggs. The perfect indulgent weekend treat!

6. Waffles – With Fruit, Bacon, Syrup, Ice Cream – Waffles go with everything!


7. Bagels – Breakfast bagels are the one – one of my favourite go to’s in the morning. I much prefer bagels to normal gluten free bread as they keep their texture and crunch.


8. Fry up! – Lets be honest – nothing beats a full english breakfast does it?


9. ANYTHING on Toast – always an easy and quick idea.


10. And finally – if you’re in a rush, just stick to a standard bacon sandwich – quick, easy & simple!


What are you eating this weekend? Let me know!

Bees xo 

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