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What’s on your doorstep this Summer – Part 1.

Hey! Welcome back to my little corner of the internet.

Where has this year gone? Did you know its only 25 Monday’s until Christmas? I know right? That was totally too soon..

As my last blog post of “What’s on your doorstep this Autumn” got over quite a few views and I kinda missed Spring – I’ve decided to do a summer edition for you guys.. but this will come in 2 parts, the first part which is todays and the next part will be other things to do in Leicester this Summer.

SO! Anyway.. have you seen whats happening in Leicester this Summer?

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 15.11.13

There seems to be things going on here there and everywhere and I am more than excited to announce that I am officially working with Media Board International, De Montfort Hall and Leicester City Council to Present an event called Gigs in the Garden – On Friday 16th of August De Montfort Hall are opening up their gardens for a series of large-scale outdoor events – Which includes act’s and live performances from Bugzy Malone, Yxng Bane and Wretch 32.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 15.05.30

 Join us this summer for #gigsinthegarden.


Bugzy Malone
Mancunian wordsmith Bugzy Malone is one of the UK’s brightest grime talents. The artist’s debut album Walk With Me reached Number Two on the UK iTunes album chart and his music videos have had millions of views on YouTube. His freestyle submission on the Radio 1/1 Extra YouTube channel was the first to hit one million views, helping dub Bugzy ‘The Evil Genius’.

You can check out one of his tracks here:

Wretch 32
North Londoner Wretch 32 has come a long way since his days with Grime collective Combination Chain Gang. In 2011, the rapper hit the peak of the UK charts with Don’t Go, one of three top five charting singles from his debut Black and White. Nudging a million followers on Twitter, Wretch 32 will be charming the outdoor crowds of De Montfort Hall this summer.

And heres one of Wretch 32’s tracks:

Yxng Bane

Yxng Bane first made waves when he dropped Lone Wolf on Soundcloud two years ago as a 19 year old. Despite being an unknown artist without a following, the song amassed 790,000 plays. Since then Yxng Bane’s released a stream of dancehall-fused rap and R&B tracks and is yet to release an official music video that hasn’t topped a million views.

and last but not least you can check out one of Yxng Bane’s tracks here: 

Tickets are on sale now from

This event is open to everyone too! Including children and it’s highly wheelchair assessable with wheelchair and disability viewing platforms.

Under 14’s need to be accompanied by an adult.

And gates open at 5pm (please note this is the time the gates open, not the start of the performance.)

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 15.11.35
More info is out soon and as soon as I get it i’ll be sure to update you guys – or follow them on Instagram yourself @Gigsinthegardens

This is HUGE  and i’m so excited to be a part of this project and to give back to the city!

See You There!

Bees xo 

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