You Need A Healthy Dash Of Sass..

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet.
Has anyone else found 2019 to just be a bit blah? There is no other way to describe it.
I’ve done so much new stuff, started new work, but i’ve hardly traveled and I feel like not having a break from people and situations has left me in a weird kind of well, just a weird feeling really?

I’ve completely lost my confidence to blog too. It’s only in the last week or so i’ve started posting to instagram a lot more again too. It’s taken a lot but i’ve come to realise that instagram isn’t real life.

I spoke to a few people about this. When you have a slight following a lot of companies contact you to work with you, but before you know it your feed and life is taken over with posting what they want you to post for profit, instead of posting what you want to post yourself – and basically keeping your posts and account about you.
I see loads of different accounts that post such a mixture of things that completely contradict one another – I refuse this and reject a lot of posts purely because if I don’t believe in a product or don’t actually like it myself, I won’t post it.

Lets be honest though, it’s not just online. I think i’m just in a bit of a rut in general. Not a lot has happened but at the same time this year has been completely new and a lot has happened – work that out?!

I’ve lost people I thought would always be around and i’ve been blamed for things to make other people feel better about themselves. People have come for me that I never thought would, and I never would come for them – but after all of this I can honestly say i’m more wary about every single person in my life and I know who i do and who i don’t want to be around and who I don’t need around me.

I’ve learnt I need to back myself a lot more, I don’t need to be a bitch but in this industry i need to have my own back and back the people around me. I need to have a healthy dash of sass to be a female in this city.

I’m not really sure where i was going with this blog post, but i know it was time to post – and i’m glad I have. This is probably the shortest and quickest blog post but it was still worth it.

2020 is going to be my year. New blog, New Work, New House, New Life, Traveling more, settling down and living for myself and having a brand new start.

– And I am SO excited for this!

Bees xo 

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