Why do so many young women refuse to call themselves a feminist?


noun: feminism 

The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes
The women’s movement
The feminist movement
Women’s liberation
Welcome back to my little corner of the internet..
Before I start – this is NOT an anti-male blog post, I have so so much respect for males in my life especially family, friends and people that I work with.. So if you’re here for an anti-male post, click off boo and don’t waste your time reading..
Did you know that fewer than one in five young women would call themselves a feminist?
Over the last couple of weeks i’ve followed loads of new accounts on instagram – ( @BasicBee ) and i’ve come to realise that what I thought was a feminist over the last 6+ years, isn’t actually a feminist at all..
There’s so many different types of feminism :
  • Liberal Feminism.”Liberal feminism is an individualistic form of feminist theory, which focuses on women’s ability to maintain their equality through their own actions and choices.”
  • Radical Feminism.”Radical feminism is a perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts. Radical feminists view society as fundamentally a patriarchy in which men dominate and oppress women.”
  • Marxist and Socialist Feminism.“Socialist feminism is a two-pronged theory that broadens Marxist feminism‘s argument for the role of capitalism in the oppression of women and radical feminism‘s theory of the role of gender and the patriarchy.”
  • Cultural Feminism.”Cultural feminism, the view that there is a “female nature” or “female essence”, attempts to revalue and redefine attributes ascribed to femaleness. It is also used to describe theories that commend innate differences between women and men.”
  • Eco-Feminism.”Ecofeminism is a branch of feminism that sees environmentalism, and the relationship between women and the earth, as foundational to its analysis and practice. Ecofeminist thinkers draw on the concept of gender to analyse the relationships between humans and the natural world.”
  • I-Feminism ( The new wave of feminism)”Ifeminists, or individualist feminists, say that the feminist slogan “a woman’s body, a woman’s right” should extend to every peaceful choice a woman can make.Ifeminists believe that freedom and diversity benefit women, whether or not the choices that particular women make are politically correct. They respect all sexual choices, from motherhood to porn.

    As the cost of freedom, ifeminists accept personal responsibility for their own lives. They do not look to government for privileges any more than they would accept government abuse. Ifeminists want legal equality, and they offer the same respect to men.

    In short, ifeminism calls for freedom, choice, and personal responsibility.”


Growing up, I won’t lie,  I always thought feminist were people that burnt bras and were very anti-men.. But this is purely because of what i’d seen in the media.

Having the chance to read up on things myself, it turns out I couldn’t be more wrong.

Although there is extremists, theres also so much that makes total sense to me, but before reading up on this i’d never have called myself a feminist.

Since 2016 (Which just happens to be when Donald Trump became President of the United States, but hey, coincidence right?) more and more movements that support feminism have come to light and people are a lot more open about being a feminist.

Online movements have also gained momentum. Actress Alyssa Milano suggested that anyone who had been “sexually harassed or assaulted” should reply to her Tweet with “#MeToo”, resurrrecting a movement started by activist Tarana Burke in 2006.

Half a million responded in the first 24 hours with the hashtag #MeToo and the hashtag has been used in more than 80 countries.

With the #MeToo hashtag and the #everydaysexism hashtag trending regularly, this has massively helped to bring feminism to mainstream attention – and to show what feminism is really about.

Even this time last year, I always thought feminists we’re very in peoples faces, pushed their opinions on people and basically hated men and I just didn’t really think I had time for it, but it’s amazing how much can change in a year once you educate yourself.

I would never call myself a feminist because I feared they would be associated with these traits.

So, how could the image of feminism be improved? How can females be proud of supporting feminism?

Arguably, as a society we should do more to challenge narrowly defined expectations of how women should look and act.


Working harder to make this movement more inclusive could mean that feminism speaks to the experiences and concerns of diverse groups of women.

But at the end of the day whichever label women choose to have on themselves, the indication that the vast majority of people now support equality – and acknowledge it has not yet been achieved – is pretty heartbreaking.

Feminism has changed massively in the last 10 years and if you read up on it, it’s actually really interesting. It isn’t just men VS women anymore – I have so many men in my life that i respect and look up to, and over the last year they’ve had my back no matter what –

Men aren’t the problem & it isn’t fair to put all men in the same category. Feminism isn’t about being better than men, it’s about being equal. Equal rights, equal pay and everyones opinion being listened to.

Supporting feminism is nothing to be ashamed of and you should always stand up for what you believe in. Whether thats having kids, not having kids, wearing that short skirt, wearing that maxi dress, walking where you want, when you want without being shouting at. It’s your life and your body, so stand up for everything that you believe in – and you do you boo.

 Bees xo 

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