Hello 2020!

I’m so late aren’t I? – Late, The story of my life..

I swear so many people said to me “Oh January will be quiet for you, you’re self employed” ..Well NO! It’s the total opposite! It’s busier than ever (which i’m not complaining about) and i’m still not sleeping..

It’s that time of the year where you get to say goodbye to all the bad mistakes and you get to basically “leave” things and situations in last year; and I for one, am SO EXCITED to do this!

I don’t usually celebrate the New Year, as i personally don’t see the big deal, woohoo, we reached another January 1st and it’s almost my birthday which means i’m about to be even closer to 30..

2019 has been so up and down and i’ve lost people i never thought i’d lose, but it turns out, that actually – thats been a blessing. When you stop seeing people so regularly and stop helping them and putting them first, it shows who actually cares about you and who doesn’t.

2019 meant 2 New Jobs, one working for myself and one joining a brand new team that i was absolutely terrified about, but all i’ve had is support on both sides for both jobs and i honestly couldn’t work with better people.

Quitting a full time job you’ve been at for 5+ years to start your own business and then start a part time job and join a brand new team could have gone so badly, but it didn’t it went the absolute opposite, it’s gone amazingly.

I’ve learnt so many new things this year including how to back myself properly – and that even sometimes, I don’t need to back myself because i’m now with people that will defend me in a room that i’m not in.

I’ve also learnt that I come first. If i’m in a situation i’m not happy in, i’m leaving.
I thank everyone thats ever come into my life for teaching me my worth and reminding me that i always deserve better.

2020 is full of WEEKLY (i know, shocking right?!) Blog posts, Vlogs and growing my insta – BasicBee and working on nobody else but me.

I want to try more of a plant based diet, 4/7 days a week to start with – drink more water, sleep better and actually go out and not just try and nap every spare second I get.

I’m excited to take a step back, explore, try new things and focus on my little corner of the internet.

Thanks for being so patient, 2019 wasn’t a great year for my blog, but I’m so excited to rebrand and refresh!

Bees xo 

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