You need to get OUT of bed.

I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but turn off the news. Move your body, read a book and write down 3 things that you’re thankful for.

Long time no blog post, right?
With everything thats going on right now, I have a lot of free time.. So welcome back to my little corner of the internet..


This is going to be really badly written and i’m probably going to blabber on and repeat myself too..

It’s impossible for you not to have seen anything about CONVID-19 on social media, the news, papers, it’s everywhere.

I’m used to working 3 jobs and constantly being on the go, but yesterday was day one of self isolation – and yesterday i had a really, really unproductive day, and i’ll be clear about it – I felt like shit.

I’m all for a Netflix and chill day on a day off.  I LOVE Netflix, and one of my friends just introduced me to Amazon prime movie wise too (even with being a prime ambassador i’d never used it, didn’t even think to look – I know, awful rep!)

I had a pretty productive weekend, but yesterday I was in a rut. I was bored.
I totally understand why self isolation is so important – I have graves disease, so I’m high risk but thought i’d been doing what I needed to do to keep myself and people around me safe – I was totally wrong.

So after my entire day in bed yesterday or just around my bedroom i was bored, fed up and overthinking. (Luckily i have people in my life that help me get out of the rut, check on your friends.. it’s important).

I guess what i’m trying to say is, it’s okay to spend days watching TV, Netflix, Play games, but you need to be productive and not fall into a bad place.

I went to bed in the worst mood last night but woke up to a handful of messages including puppy videos, “morning angel” messages and other messages telling me to stay safe – and it completely changed my mindset.
It’s so easy to fall into a rut, it doesn’t mean your lazy, but in my opinion, if you can stay active, you should. I’m not talking about meeting up with friends, or going out when you don’t need to.

Just try some of these ideas:

  • Get out of bed
  • Shower
  • Eat breakfast / Lunch
  • Read a book
  • Watch TV / Netflix
  • Start a Blog ( I can help with this!)
  • Clean your wardrobe (If you know me, you know full well this is a last resort for me..)
  • Cook
  • Learn to Bake
  • Read Blogs – a lot goes into a blog you know? When was the last time you read something instead of watching it on youtube?
  • Search Hashtags on instagram for things you’re interested in – you’ll be amazed how much comes up.
  • Make a mood board – I love a mood board.
  • Talk to your friends.
  • Play games – Xbox, Ps4, Switch – or like me, good old Sims..
  • Meal Prep
  • Home work outs
  • Make a Music Play list
  • Board games
  • Learn an online course
  • Colour! – When was the last time you coloured in for no reason?
  • Go for a walk – WITH Social distancing
  • Work on the garden
  • Support a small business
  • Call a friend
  • Write a list of things to do when you’re feeling better
  • Stay Hydrated

You just NEED to get out of bed.


It’s okay to be scared, to be anxious, to be uncertain. Lets be honest, nobody knows whats going on right now.

Try managing your anxiety –

  • Avoid excessive exposure to media coverage
  • Connect trough calls, internet, texts.
  • Add Extra time for daily stress relief.
  • Practise self care*

Create a self care routine –

  • Get out of bed
  • Shower
  • Pick an outfit
  • Eat – Remember to eat.
  • Drink water
  • Skincare
  • Keep a diary

Everyone is in exactly the same boat of uncertainty. I’d do anything to see my friends and family right now, but I also realise that that could very easily put me into hospital – and let’s be honest; That isn’t fair on anyone.


It’s okay if it takes time to make sense of all of this. We can ALL do something to help – we can stay at home.

 B xo 

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