I’m done with him & I’m over it.

Elect a clown – Expect a Circus. 

Hi, Hi, Hi, Welcome back to my little corner of the internet.

Before anyone starts, this is ALL MY OWN opinion from how I feel about the entire COVID Pandemic has been handled – or not handled, which ever way you want to address it. But either way, it’s my blog; so i’m going to rant.. Why? Because i deserve to.

I totally, 100% understand that Boris Johnson has probably the most difficult job of them all right now, but seriously – i don’t understand how people are praising him?


No one can argue with FACTS. This is what the UK Government has done.

December 31st China alerts WHO to new virus.

January 23rd Study reveals a third of China’s patients require intensive care.

January 24th Boris Johnson misses first Cobra meeting.

January 29th Boris Johnson misses second Cobra meeting.

January 31st The NHS declares first ever ‘Level 4 critical incident’ Meanwhile, the government declines to join European scheme to source PPE.

February 5th Boris Johnson misses third Cobra meeting.

February 12th Boris Johnson misses fourth Cobra meeting. Exeter University published study warning Coronavirus could infect 45 million people in the UK if left unchallenged.

February 13th Boris Johnson misses conference call with European leaders.

February 14th Boris Johnson goes away on holiday. Aides are told keeps Johnson’s briefing notes short or he will not read them.

February 18th Johnson misses fifth cobra meeting.

February 26th Boris Johnson announces ‘Herd Immunity’ strategy, announcing some people will lose loved ones. Government document is leaked, predicting half a million Brits could die in ‘worse case scenario’

February 29th Boris Johnson retreats to his country manor. NHS warns of ‘PPE shortage nightmare’ Stockpiles have dwindled or expired after years of austerity cuts.

March 2nd Boris Johnson attends his first Cobra meeting, declining another opportunity to join European PPE scheme. Government’s own scientists say over half a million Brit’s could die if virus left unrestrained. Johnson tells country “We are very, very well prepared.”

March 3rd Scientists urge Government to advise public not to shake hands. Boris Johnson brags about shaking hands of Coronavirus patients.

March 4th Government stops providing daily updates on virus following a 70% spike in UK cases. They will later U-turn on this amid accusations they are withholding vital information.

March 5th Boris Johnson tells public to ‘wash their hands and business as usual’

March 7th Boris Johnson joins 82,000 people at Six Nations match.

March 9th After Ireland cancels St Patrick’s day parades, the government says there’s “No Rationale” for cancelling sporting events.

March 10th – 13th Cheltenham takes place, more than a quarter of a million people attend.

March 11th 3,000 Atletico Madrid fans fly to Liverpool.

March 12th Boris Johnson states banning events such as Cheltenham will have little effect. The Imperial College study finds the government’s plan is projected to kill half a million people.

March 13th The FA suspends the Premier League, citing an absence of Government guidance. Britain is invited to join European scheme for joint purchase of ventilators, and refuses. Boris Johnson lifts restrictions of those arriving from Coronavirus hot spots.

March 14th Government is still allowing mass gatherings, as Stereophonics play to 5,000 people in Cardiff.

March 16th Boris Johnson asks Britons not to go to pubs, but allows them to stay open. During a conference call, Johnson jokes that push to build new ventilators should be called ‘Operation Last Gasp’

March 19th Hospital patients with Coronavirus are returned to care homes in a bid to free up hospital space. What follows is a boom of virus cases in care homes.

March 20th The Government states that PPE shortage crisis is “Completely resolved” Less than two weeks later, the British Medical Association reports an acute shortage in PPE.

March 23rd UK goes into lockdown.

March 26th Boris Johnson is accused of putting ‘Brexit over Breathing’ by not joining EU ventilator scheme. The government then state they had not joined the scheme because they had ‘missed the email’

April 1st The Evening Standard publishes that just 0.17% of NHS staff have been tested for the virus.

April 3rd The UK death toll overtakes China.

April 5th 17.5 million Antibody tests, ordered by the government and described by Boris Johnson as a ‘game changer’ are found to be a failure.

April 7th Boris Johnson is moved to intensive care with Coronavirus.

April 16th Flights bring 15,000 people a day into the UK – without virus testing.

April 17th Health Secretary Matt Hancock says “I would love to be able to wave a magic wand and have PPE fall from the sky.” The UK has now missed four opportunities to join the EU’s PPE scheme.

April 21st The Government fails to reach its target of face masks for the NHS, as it is revealed manufactures offers of help were met with silence. Instead millions of pieces of PPE are being shipped from the UK to Europe.

April 23rd – 24th Government announces testing kits for 10 million key workers. Orders run out within minutes as only 5,000 are made available.

April 25th UK death toll from Coronavirus overtakes that of The Blitz.

April 30th Boris Johnson announces the UK has succeeded in avoiding a tragedy that had engulfed other parts of the world – At this point, The UK has the 3rd highest death toll in the world.

May 1st The Government announces it has reached its target of 100,000 tests – They haven’t conducted the tests, but posted the testing kits.

May 5th The UK death toll becomes the highest in Europe.

May 6th Boris Johnson announces the UK could start to lift lockdown restrictions by Monday 7th May (Less than 24 hours after the announcement.) – And lets be honest here, it was so brief it was unreal and there was basically no need for the announcement – he showed he was totally and completely unprepared.

He didn’t even mention shielded families or the over 70s?

It wasn’t until this morning – Monday 7th May that other leaders including Dominic Raab, actually took time to explain what the new rules meant; and they’re basically exactly the same other than you can have unlimited exercise now and you can meet 1 person from another house hold but you have to keep 2m apart.

I’m confused – So i can meet one other person from another house hold with social distancing but I can’t see family that have self isolated for 8-10 weeks when I, myself have self isolated for 8+ weeks? How does this make any sense? I understand that people are confused, i am! I found out i can’t back to work today until at least July 4th – and the back log for stock is UNREAL… but thats another story.

“If you can work from home, do so, If you can’t work from home, go back to work”..

So let’s be honest here – theres no actual plan for going back to work is there? If you’re working class and you’re not rich, we’re all pretty fucked.

They’re sending school kids back first – to pre schools and nurseries? Please someone, explain this to me – because i know the first thing my niece and nephews do on a normal day (pre lock down) is run over to me and cuddle me – I’ve lost count of the amount of times they’d sneezed in my face and we’ve both screamed at the size of the slug hanging from their nose.. Like come on? Is this not the WORST age of people and mini human beings to be sent back first? Why are we using some of our most vulnerable people, that are scared, have just settled into a brand new routine –  as guinea pigs?

Uni Students – Where do we start? My boyfriend and some of my best friends are uni students – and they’ve heard nothing. Literally – Nothing. They’re still having to pay hundreds of pounds in rent for somewhere that realistically, they can’t live right now. Why are landlords allowed to take money off them exactly? I’m confused, can someone explain to me if landlords have had to pay their mortgages, cause as far as i was aware (i could be wrong) but could they not get a mortgage holiday? But anyway, correct me if i’m wrong but i’ve worked with unis for 8-9 years now and 5 and a bit of those were directly with a uni – i was literally based there 80% of my time.. The people that attend uni.. ARE ADULTS. They’re not kids, like i get it, 4 months before they start uni, they’re putting their hand up in a class room and asking if they’re allowed to go to the toilet – but the difference from arriving to the end of term 1 (christmas) is unreal for like 90% of uni students.

How have they heard… NOTHING? They’re not even being mentioned? How is this possibly fair, have they not paid £9250 in tuition fees alone to learn in a classroom, not online?

So whats happening? Are they going into their 3rd / final year with an extra almost £15+k in debt if not more after fees, living, rent etc .. to learn online?

How is this fair? They deserve some respect and for someone to give them, not even a straight answer – but just to let them know that they haven’t been forgotten about.

I honestly think watching this Tory government dealing with a real crisis gives us an insight to what the Brexit negotiations look like. We’re all fucked and in huge trouble – and the worst part of it? The UK voted for it all – Thank you Brexiters.

I don’t for a second know what this guys going through, but do you not think that maybe, if he’d done his job to start with, We wouldn’t be in the place we are right now? – And there would be a hell of a lot more understanding?
He didn’t miss just 1 thing did he? He missed 5+ huge meetings..?

Boris Pal, Step down, I’m done with you and your absolute shambles with this & I’m honestly over it.

Feel free to give me your opinion with this, my inbox is always open.

B x 

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