Who in their right mind would start a relationship in lockdown?

Hey hey, Welcome back to my little corner of the internet – it’s been a while.

I’m allowed to work again now (not fully, thanks to Boris changing his mind 24 hours before opening but hey, that’s another story.)

Realationships are weird things aren’t they? It’s like you pick another human and you’re like “yeah, I like that one.”

We’ve taken a few days away from Leicester and although we can’t fly at the moment we’ve come to Wales for a few days. I know what you’re thinking, Wales?! But I swear, there’s been a few hiccups, but it’s a dream.

I haven’t been with Will that long and anyone that knows me knows I was absolutely shitting it about coming here with him.
Breaks with new people are fun right? I’ll answer that – of course they are; but they’re also absolutely terrifying.

We went on our first date before lockdown, spent lots of time together but then boom – we’re over an hour away from each other and don’t get me wrong, Pokemon Go social distanced in the park is a great way of spending time with someone – but it’s not the same is it?

We started to see each other and became in each others “bubbles”. This helped us LOADS. We spoke every day, FaceTimed with films and basically did everything we could to not mess this up. In May we had a quick look and found a mini break we could easily afford so we booked in with a small deposit. Logically, we thought we could drive there and even if we couldn’t do a lot of stuff it would still be fine to be lazy after working 12-16+ hour days since going back to work.

We got left on Friday morning (I’m luckily not back in lockdown like other parts of Leicester!).. Had a roadtrip up here and it’s been amazing so far. We were worried about eating out and having nothing to do but its been the polar opposite.. Saying this, I’m now shattered and Will’s currently on his second hour of his “quick nap”… We may have done slightly too much yesterday after all, but hey, we’ve been pretty lazy today so I kinda think that evens it out.

I’ll be totally honest here. I don’t care what anyone says, going away with someone new is scary. Like, what do you do when you’ve gotta poop? Play music? Run a tap? Switch the shower on.. or all 3? I swear no one thinks about stuff like this until it happens.
It’s really, really hot – do you cuddle all night despite this or roll away?
Where do you get changed?
What happens if you accidentally eat gluten?
What happens if you’re really tired and dribble in your sleep?
What happens if you forget the right amount of socks?
What happens if you fall over your own feet infront of them? And you gotta play it cool?
What happens if you fall in the shower and have to play it off as a “It’s fine, just kicked something by accident!”

I have done ALL OF THE ABOVE & more. My anxiety is now gone though, so I mean – this is better?! And also a positive.

Yes, yes I did manage to stress about all of the above in the first 12 hours.. but I’ve come to the conclusion that this human being wakes me up when I’ve missed my GD meds, runs out to get me chocolate and always wakes me up in the nicest way possible, so really did I have anything to worry about?

Here’s what we’ve done since we got here yesterday (Friday) –

We’ve eaten steak, drank gin, finally got Will his burger and pint (all he’s asked for the whole of lockdown…)

I’ll upload more tomorrow, we’re going to a lighthouse, to see sharks, to an amazing pub for food and to the beach!

And all I’ve learnt is, coming for a break with my best friend is the absolute best.

I’d type more, but this WordPress update is doing my head in –

Speak soon!

Bees xo

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