Thin Shaming?

It’s me, Hi! Welcome back to my little corner of the internet.

I am struggling and because this is my little corner it’s here I’m about to rant.

We all know about my thyroid and graves disease issues, but right now I am honestly struggling more than I was when my T4 was originally the highest at 118.6.

Food. Weight. Fat.

I am SO sick of hearing I need to put weight on for my operation, I’m perfectly aware I do, I’m the one sitting in the doctors office – no one else. Yet coming from someone that has struggled with food for years and an on and off ED, I can honestly say I’ve had enough of other human beings.

I’m now at the point where my temper just goes, I don’t want to hear it and it isn’t remotely helpful. I clearly seem to have different eating habits to other people around me, for example I don’t want to eat at 9pm at night when my alarms going off at 7pm, because I know my body and I know I won’t sleep, I don’t need reminding to eat and I sure as hell don’t need to be told about my weight.

Can people wake up?

WHY is is acceptable to be like “omg you’ve lost weight!” imagine if someone turned round to someone else and said “omg! you’ve gained weight!” you wouldn’t, why? Because it’s rude.

Is it that hard to keep comments to yourself, is it that hard to let people do what they want to do and let them gain weight in their own way?

I’ve lost weight, since putting it back on since I lost it over lockdown, but Jesus christ can people PLEASE Stop skinny shaming?! I honestly don’t understand why it’s okay to comment about a thinner / lower weight when people know it’s not okay to comment on someone else’s weight that’s slightly bigger etc. Fat / Thin shaming isn’t acceptable and it can put people into a really shitty place.

Keep your comments to yourself, stop pushing people to eat and back off. It’s ridiculous.

I’ve got a stone to gain before my operation and with the rate things are going, this isn’t going to be the case.

Telling someone they are too skinny and they should eat more is the same as telling someone that they are too fat and should eat less.

Real women are fat, thin, both, neither and whatever. Get over it.

From someone that had an ED, imma say it – this. isn’t. helpful.

Rant over, that was quick – I am not a people person today. I am trying my best, but I am struggling with the image of putting weight on. I don’t need reminders.

B x

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