Almost 30

“Make My Body, Your Canvas, I’ve Got Love And You Can Have It..”

First blog post in the “Almost 30” blog post group..

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I’ve decided to add the “Almost 30” blog posts to my blog purely because i think the jump from 29 – 30 is a huge leap and to be totally honest with you – I am absolutely shitting myself. Lets not bite around the bush here, I am terrified.

I also make terrible choices, so heres the start of putting them on the internet, because why not?

I turned 29 in February and i don’t know if it’s because I work with students part time, or because i thought i would have achieved more by now, but i honestly think theirs a midlife crisis coming..
When i was a kid i always said i’d never get tattoos, i’d have babies and be married by the time i was 25 max.. now i’m 29, out of a long term relationship, back at my mums for a year or 18 months, 0 kids and absolutely not getting married anytime soon..

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Oh and i’m 99 tattoos down and planning my 100th..

Luckily i work for myself full time and my part time job, my team are super laid back about it and don’t mind them at all because of the industry that we’re in.

The rest of it doesn’t bug me much, but do i regret my tattoos? Absolutely.
I don’t know if is because we’re on lock down and i’m scrolling through instagram and social media more, but oh my god.. i am regretting absolutely all of them.

I can honestly say, if i could go back in time i would and i’d never, ever had one..
I’m tired. I’m tired of being judged for them, i’m 5’4 and a bit in height, i scream at my own reflection if i’ve not brushed my hair before bed and see my reflection in the morning.. I couldn’t fight myself with a pillow, let alone anyone else – i’m the furthest thing away from a ‘thug’ you can think of. Although saying that, i have a sharp tongue, but i’m female.. don’t we all?

I guess what i’m trying to say is, think before you ink. All these programmes like “Just tattoo of us” are so stupid. I never thought i’d say this; even just a few years ago – but oh my god, they’re so stupid! Why would you want someone elses designs on you for the rest of your life?

Your body is so precious. Stop looking at tattoo designs on google, NO good artist will do exactly the same design as what you take in if you’ve found it on google – and if they will? You need to find a new artist.
Tattoos are on your skin forever, i’m at the point that my hands, legs, arms etc are all covered, so yes i’m planning my 100th tattoo. Purely because my logic is, i’m already covered, so whats the point in not carrying on?
I’ll be the first to admit that some of my artwork is awful – I went to a tattoo shop to have one of my hands tattooed and the artist that was doing it bitched about a picture on one of my sleeves – forgetting he did this tattoo himself a few years ago – awkward was an understatement.

I guess what i’m trying to say is, when your mum, dad, granny, cousin twice removed tells you not to get a tattoo – it’s not because they’re being difficult, it turns out that maybe sometimes, adults and people older than you, do know best. If you’re dead set on it and getting one, make sure you sit and think about it properly realise this really is going to be on your skin for the rest of your life. You WILL get judged, 2020 or not.

I’ve got to meet new people in a few weeks, and i’m absolutely terrified, i don’t want to be judged because of bad choices or not exactly bad choices, but choices i should have thought more about when i was younger.

Although 80%+ of my generation are all going to look the same when were older, with tattoos in our elderly people homes.. we’re going to be the most colourful generation out there – I guess thats a positive?

But no, seriously, think before you ink, this stuff really is there forever. I wish i could wear pretty dresses, and not worry about looking too OTT because of my ink.. But hey, i guess it really is there forever, so plain dresses for the win, right?!

B x