10 Fuss-Free Gluten Free Brunch Ideas.


It’s hump day! Which means it’s 3 more sleeps until the weekend and i’m already counting down to a lazy weekend eating brunch and only leaving the house to get more food! 

Stuck for brunch ideas? Here’s a few of my favourites – 

1. One Pot Eggs – Jazz up your eggs with a solo brunch recipe, all in one-pot. From eggs with cheese and ham to chilli and avocado and my favourite – baked eggs with bacon, sausage, tomato mushroom & Beans! (No Mushrooms for me, we all knows i think they’re the devils food..) .. It’s so easy and it’s done in one pan so saves mess!


2. Breakfast wraps – Everything you put in a sandwich can go in a wrap – it’s the logic of life in 2019..


3. Pancakes – they’re so easy to cook and theres so excuse when again – they can all be done in one bowl.


4. French Toast – It’s basically eggy bread with some cinnamon, syrup and fruit – again, one of my favourites!


5. Full English Croissants – As above – if it goes in a wrap it can go in a Croissant too! Try our epic breakfast croissant recipe packed with super crispy bacon, baked beans and runny fried eggs. The perfect indulgent weekend treat!

6. Waffles – With Fruit, Bacon, Syrup, Ice Cream – Waffles go with everything!


7. Bagels – Breakfast bagels are the one – one of my favourite go to’s in the morning. I much prefer bagels to normal gluten free bread as they keep their texture and crunch.


8. Fry up! – Lets be honest – nothing beats a full english breakfast does it?


9. ANYTHING on Toast – always an easy and quick idea.


10. And finally – if you’re in a rush, just stick to a standard bacon sandwich – quick, easy & simple!


What are you eating this weekend? Let me know!

Bees xo 

On Your Door Step This Autumn.

IMG_5802 2
After a few really busy weeks, i’ve literally had no life at all, so this weekend was the first weekend where I could do something other than sleep. Autumn is my absolute favourite, so heres some ideas of things you can do this Autumn around Leicestershire.

Cattows Farm & Tea Room – Pumpkin Picking. 

I went yesterday and didn’t know what to expect really but I was really surprised. I took my niece and nephew and we had a great time. Theres no cost for parking or seeing the animals. The only thing you pay for there is the pumpkins that you take home and a hot drink or food from the tea room which is really reasonably priced and had many gluten free options.

When you arrive theres face painting, many decorations to take photos with, countless pre picked pumpkins and loads more. As you walk down theres huge mountains of hay to climb (my niece and nephew loved this) plus tractors, cars and other toys to ride on. Theres also inflatable slides and rides in the field next to the pumpkins.

As you walk down they’ve decorated the farm amazingly for halloween. I had to convince my niece the grave stones weren’t actually real! Then as you walk in to the next field (the pumpkin patch) there is more pumpkins then you can ever imagine! All I kept being told was “This is so much better than Morrisons!” .. Which is defiantly a compliment! I’m just a little gutted i hadn’t taken them properly before now, theres so much to do and animals to see too and you can easily spend hours there! The entire day cost us £3.08 cause we took a pack up with us.


Diwali Light Switch On – Belgrave Road, Leicester, Sunday 28th October. 

The Diwali celebrations in Leicester are HUGE every year and are some of the best in the UK. The festivities are based on Belgrave Road but spread all over the city.

The Diwali light switch on brings ‘The Golden Mile” in Leicester alive with thousands of lights and an entire ray of different colours.

The event takes place from 5:30pm until 9pm and the event is Free.


Bradgate Park.

Bradgate park is open all year round but it’s my favourite in the Autumn when the leaves are on the floor and you get freezing feet walking through the river in your wellies.
Theres so many different routes to take in Bradgate park, photo opportunities and just loads to see.

Outside the park theres numerous tea rooms too but we usually get hot chocolate from the tea room inside the park half way down the park road. It comes with cream and marshmallows so it’s always a hit for little people that are usually with me!

Parking in the park is around £3 but there is also on street parking.

New Walk Museum. 

New Walk Museum is again, open all year around, but it’s amazing when you need something cheap and different to do on a cold or wet day. Theres different rooms full of different projects. These vary from Ancient Egypt, Dinosaurs with full size skeletons and fossils to under the sea. We love it here as it’s really easy to get to and the walk from Vicky Park (where you can park for £3 for 3 hours) to the museum itself is really pretty and theres loads of different things to look at.

Theres no entry cost into the Museum itself, but they ask for a donation.


Thornton Reservoir.

Thornton Reservoir is literally on my doorstep with it being less than 2 miles away from me. The reservoir is one of the most peaceful places I know. It offers a network of trails and footpaths around the reservoir and through the neighbouring woodland areas. There are also links with longer trails including the Leicester round and various other footpaths.
You can either go the muddy way (we love wellies so this is what we do) or stick to the paths to get yourself around the reservoir.
The reservoir is opposite a garden centre which has one of the cutest coffee shops i’ve ever been too.

Parking is free, and theres no entry fee.


Alpaca Park Farm

The Alpaca Park Farm is an animal park. It has animals that include pygmy and angora goats, donkeys, pigs, loads of chickens and of course Alpacas! You can feed the animals there too!

They serve breakfast from 10am and have a huge selection of Gluten free Cakes too.. plus, did i mention you get to pet an Alpaca?

It’s free entry, they just ask for a donation.

Give them ago, there all cheap and easy to do for under £5! 
Let me know what you think, I’m all for a netflix and chill kinda day, but sometimes you NEED to get out of the house!

Bees xo 


Cinnamon French Toast in 5 Minutes (Using the Genius Toastie Loaf)

I’m back, it’s been dramatic, so it’s time to fill my stomach with sugar and have a lazy weekend..

Thats right, in 5 minutes you can go from getting bits out out the fridge to putting it on the plate.. Ready?

We used the Genius Gluten Free Toastie Loaf and it works amazingly.


Crack an egg, and add a splash of milk in a wide bowl, add cinnamon to taste ( I have loads of cinnamon because I love it).

Also my bad for the boomerang, I just love them for insta!

Pop your bread into the bowl and leave it for 30 seconds on each side so it sucks up the egg mixture.IMG_2017

Turn over, make sure every part of the bread is coveredIMG_4549

Pop into a pan with a little oil, it will spit, so be careful! Fry on each side.IMG_4881

Pop onto some kitchen paper to get the oil off, serve with whatever you like.. I had smoked bacon, strawberries and syrup.  IMG_2880

Syrup is ALWAYS a good idea! IMG_6124

This is one of the easiest and tastiest breakfasts and it’s so quick to make..

Give it a go!

Bees xo 

A Saturday in The Cotswolds

Hey! – As much as i’m trying to remember to blog more it’s REALLY hard to find things to actually blog about at the moment..

I know it’s not a “Sunday Funday” but i’m going to class it as one!

So! Dan and I managed to get a 4 day weekend together this week, we went to a gig on Thursday, had a lazy Friday until Tommy (@Tommy_the_sausage) got dropped off to spend the weekend with us whilst his Mom and Dad went to a wedding.

We’d had really nice weather on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so we thought we’d take Tomtom to Matlock or to the coast. Turns out when it came to Saturday the weather wasn’t going to be as good – so my Mom, being the angel it is, some how followed the nice weather and worked out where would be best for us to go.

My step dad grew up in the Cotswolds so he was more than happy to come with us – this date day with Tomtom turned into a family day, but this was clearly for the best, as me and Dan would have just got lost..

We walked up to Broadway Tower, and went up it. £5 each to go up was rather steep if i’m honest.. it was interesting, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t £5 each interesting.. Dan forgot to tell my mom he was scared of heights.. so up he went being massively brave and then panicking at the top.. oooops!

We walked back to the car and found some sheep.  Tommy hadn’t seen sheep before… turns out he does NOT like sheep! 30785235_10155228513346296_1102354170_n

He was a bit happier about ducks though.. until he tried to chase the bread that we were throwing into the river at one point.. 30776934_10155228514221296_1502066940_n

We went to a pub for lunch, the menu was pretty decent for gluten free options, but i really fancied a cob (yes it’s a cob, not a roll, a bap, a tea cake or whatever else! It’s a cob!). I didn’t expect them to have gluten free bread to be honest. I settled on some home made potato wedges with cheese, smoked bacon, a side salad and sour cream – I LOVE sour cream so this totally worked for me, it was super yummy!30429430_10155228513081296_1934943744_n

After lunch, we walked into broadway and i found a chocolate shop, it was amazing! so much of it was gluten free too! 30429340_10155228513156296_813911477_n

When we got to bourton-on-the-water we found my fave sweet shop. I ended up buying shrimps, chocolate sea shells, rosey apples, rhubarb and custards and pear drops. I LOVE an old fashioned sweet shop – can you tell?!30859982_10155228513116296_1840854727_n

Walking a bit further, we found a Christmas shop that was open the entire year. I was in my element… 30831013_10155228513541296_551388787_n

I bought these chocolate Bees for me and my friend Charlie (IG @BeeFreeFromGluten) -I’ve already eaten half of mine, they’re SO good!

Tomtom had tired legs so he was carried around a lot.. we pretty much mastered him being on my hip like a child to be honest! 30429482_10155228513871296_188984143_n

He was really good at the table too! 30429666_10155228513031296_2016650561_n

Look at my chocolate sea shells from the chocolate shop – they were filled with praline.. they were amazing.. which is clearly why i only gave one to my mom and ate the rest myself… in one sitting.. i got 12…30430189_10155228514666296_582706862_n

We’d walked miles around The Cotswolds, Bourton-on-the-water and broadway, so we went and found a little pub near the river.

It was called the “Kingsbridge inn” and it was awful..

They didn’t have a single thing on the menu that was gluten free. When i asked they just shrugged and were the opposite of helpful and the staff were more bothered about hanging out with their friend in the beer garden and swearing about other customers then actually helping us… I put a message on the facebook page, they told me i had to download and app and ask for help.. we did, they didn’t help.. i really wouldn’t recommend going here at all… walk a bit further and go to a tea room or a different pub instead! 30784536_10155228513626296_985199372_n

We ended up having a drink and walking back to the car, Dan took tommy cause my arms were tired..

Have you ever looked at your OH and thought, yeah i’m pretty lucky.. this is me right now.. You the real MVP.

We had an ice cream each as the weather turned out pretty nice, Tommy obviously just had to share with Dan! 30859623_10155228513976296_824425002_n

All in all, it was a really nice day and we all had a really good time. Including Smiffy and Tommy!

Next week we’re going on an adventure.. kinda.. and Dan doesn’t know where..

Bees xo 

GF – Sea food Pasta


Hey! So, On Sunday, Dan and I went to the City ground to watch Forest play (this was his idea of a date day) – and it was actually good! They won 2-1.

On the way back I gave dan literally 12 options of what he could have for dinner that i didn’t mind cooking. He still ended up not picking, so I picked and we had seafood pasta. It was SO good – if i do say so myself!

It’s really easy to make too! Here’s the recipe –

  • Garlic
  • 2 Red Onions
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Fresh Basil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Guten Free Pasta (Morrisons is my fave)
  • Double Cream
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Squid Sliced into Rings
  • Muscles – shelled or de-shelled – this is up to you!
  • Prawns
  • Olive Oil



  1. Add a little Olive Oil to a large pan.
  2. Chop the garlic and red onion into small chunks and pop it in the pan and let it fry off.
  3. Dice your Parsley and your basil.
  4. Add your sea food (but not the squid) into the pan and let it warm up.
  5. Add salt and pepper.
  6. Pour in 3/4 of a pint of double cream and turn the heat down to simmer.
  7. Add your cherry tomatoes (sliced in half)
  8. Add your Squid
  9. Add your Parsley and Basil and stir
  10. Leave to simmer for 15 minutes on the lowest heat
  11. Boil your pasta and drain it (11 minutes is usually enough time for GF)
  12. Wash off any starch left on the pasta
  13. Pour your sauce into the pasta saucepan – mix and serve.

Serve with a Green Salad or/and garlic bread.

It’s super easy and makes a really tasty meal!

IMG_1232 2.jpg

Bees xo 

“Frankie And Benny’s do a great Gluten Free Menu!” Said no one, ever…

Hey! So now i’m back to blogging a little more, I can tell you about our experience on Sunday night! We went to Frankie and Benny’s and it was.. well, take a read.

On Sunday night Dan and I wanted to go out for dinner. As usual we did the whole where do you want to eat, where do i want to eat etc. Somehow we ended up between Chiqutos and Frankie and Benny’s. After flipping a coin 5 times we went to Frankie and Benny’s.


Once we got there the menu actually looked pretty good! There was starters, quite a few different mains and desserts too!


I had bacon, cheese and bbq sauce potato skins to start. They missed the BBQ sauce but I had sour cream (my all time fave) so I wasn’t bothered and more than happy.


For our mains, Dan ordered a Spaghetti Bolognese and I ordered a Carbonara.

When the food came out, his looked great, but mine didn’t look amazing. Either way, it’s carbonara which is one of my “Go To” meals if I eat out at an Italian.

I bit into the pasta and it was SOLID. It literally crushed and fell apart in my mouth.. Dan tried a bit too, to make sure it wasn’t just one bad piece.

It was cold, solid, and AWFUL!


We were super polite and sent it back – then he manager came over..

As the manager got to the table, instead of telling us he’d make a fresh one, or even cook it for a little longer…

He decided to tell us it wasn’t made here. We were both pretty puzzled.. Until he explained that the gluten free food was “Pre Cooked” before it got to the restaurant and microwaved.. his exact words!

SO hold up a minute, i’m paying £9.99 for a microwave meal (with no sauce)?! How can they possibly justify that?!


IT’S PASTA – you just boil it! My Italian Grandmother would be going absolutely crazy right now if she heard this..

So yeah, long story short, he told us that it was pre cooked before it arrive, no wonder it was pretty gross!

I posted in a GF group on facebook about it and they recommended a burger – it’s safe to say we won’t be going back any time soon though!

If i wanted a microwave meal, i’d nip to Morrisons and eat it in front of the TV in my PJ’s!

I am currently a very bored Bees when it comes to eating out.

Have you got any good ideas, or found any amazing places?

Let me know!

Bees xo 




Lazy Day GF Brownies


So, after having a fractured foot (It’s still fractured, but I can kind of walk now!) –  We’ve had the last few weeks stuck in the house, binge watching Netflix, eating way too much food and being lazy. We decided to have a half busy weekend!

On Saturday we went into town, ate way to much Yo! Sushi, did some shopping and then a food shop, then we came home.

My mum and step dad went on holiday on Sunday morning so me and dan had the house to ourselves which means I got to bake!

I made a pie and some brownies, heres how I made the brownies and i’ll post the pie tomorrow!

First you’ll need –

  • 200g sugar
  • 300g butter, melted
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 eggs
  • 200g plain flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 150g milk chocolate, melted
  •  100g dark chocolate chunks


  1. Melt the milk chocolate and butter in a bowl.
  2. Mix the dry ingredients together – flour, sugar, baking powder, salt.
  3. Whisk the eggs.
  4. Add the vanilla extract into the dry ingredients.
  5. Add the dry ingredients into the milk chocolate and butter mixture, then slowly add the eggs.
  6. Add 2 t-spoons of water.
  7. mix together, and place in a baking tin.
  8. Tap the baking tin on the work top to get an even base.
  9. Add the dark chocolate chunks.
  10. Place in a pre-heated oven on gas  mark 7 for 20-25 minutes.
  11. Take out, slice and serve.

This is the only brownie mix that i’ve been able to do that hasn’t made the brownies dry. These were really soft, gooey and super tasty!

Give it ago and let me know what you think!

Bees xo 

No, it isn’t a faddy diet..

Hey guys,

I’ve been super ill this week. I’m still getting used to only seeing Dan on weekends and was being dramatic, so he planned a perfect Saturday of lunch, shopping, pumpkin carving and watching the football and eating junk food.

I finished work on Friday night and got home, he was still awake and i was ridiculously excited to actually do something with out weekend!

On Saturday we woke up and got ready, jumped in the car, and off we went.. img_0027

Can we all appreciate my fluffy new coat from boohoo, Dan had to tell me it looked okay a good 5 times before I actually left the house..

The last time we went to Prezzo the food was awful. We went for our anniversary. His food was really nice, but my pasta was cold and hard, i sent it back 3 times and then gave up.. we ended up sharing a side salad and his risotto, which he’d ordered gluten free – cause he’s a good egg. We rang them and emailed them and made a complaint and they emailed us a voucher across to try again.

The Prezzo where we go to is never busy, so it seemed like it could have been a one off.

We ordered cheese and caramelised onion garlic bread to start (this is gluten free) it was really nice too!


For our main, Dan had a calzone with different meats in and some chips with cheese and bits on. I had a carbonara pasta bake (ordered gluten free) – it was meant to be spaghetti but they don’t do gluten free spaghetti so they bought it out with this kind of pasta.. oh and i had a side salad too. img_0024

We ate LOADS and we were so full! I had stomach ache when i was sitting down but just put it down to eating too much.. img_0025

What a mistake that was. Our shopping trip got cut short because i literally couldn’t manage it – I got home and felt ill. Stomach cramps were awful and i was in a lot of pain..

Sunday we had a lazy day, we carved some pumpkins but i slept a lot of it, but that was kinda okay cause there was football on so i wasn’t being annoying or irritating..

When I have gluten i turn into a different person. I’m sick a lot, my iron levels drop, i lose weight really quickly. My mouth is full of ulcers and my teeth hurt. My stomach literally feels like someones got an ice cream scoop and is trying to get the perfect scoop over and over again. My balance ends up poor, i’m forgetful and i end up with what i would consider as.. the worlds WORST BLACK EYES!

The photo below is with a colour correction kit on it, 2 types of concealer, double wear foundation – and you can still see them. I’m not confident enough to put a no makeup selfie on to show you the extent of how bad they go.. but it isn’t pretty.

On Tuesday, they’ve admitted they’d made a mistake and there was cross contamination –   this is clearly the understatement of the century – but hey. I can safely say i don’t want another voucher as compensation.


I’ve been to the doctors twice, and i’ve now been put on a BRAT diet. This means all i can eat for the next few days is –

  • Bannans
  • Rice
  • Apple Sauce
  • Toast (plain)

and clear liquids, so water, Apple Juice, etc.

I’m totally unsure how they can completely mess someones meal up and use the wrong pasta especially when there was only 4 tables actually in use in the entire restaurant.

Coeliac UK know about it, so hopefully they’ll step in – they don’t deserve to be credited.

When people say to you..

“isn’t it annoying to be gluten free?”

“attention seeking”

“Don’t you miss cake?”

It’s honestly the most annoying thing in the world. If i could eat gluten i would. I miss McDonalds chicken nuggets and warm chocolate fudge cake so much!

I haven’t always been gluten free. I ate a dodgy burger when i was 16 or 17. It hadn’t been cooked properly, had been on a floor and was contaminated with anything and everything you can think of. This led me to be REALLY ill in hospital for a long time, and salmonella. I remember eating it. I had 3 bites before i felt ill. An hour later i was in my mums bathroom vomiting blood and ruining her wall paper. It’s safe to say I don’t really remember much for the next few moths. It then took well over a year for the NHS to diagnose me, but since then, sticking to a gluten free diet really works!

People that go Gluten Free for a trend annoy me. Some of us don’t have the choice. but each to their own i guess…

The worst part of this is – I’ve missed halloween and halloween week at work, which is my favourite time of the year too!

So yeah, No thanks Prezzo. We won’t be back..

Bees xo

“Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?”

So a couple of weeks ago we got bought two tickets to “Alice Underground” in The Vaults theatre in London.
So on Saturday 2nd Of September we drove to Rugby Station, jumped on a train and off we went!


I was really worried about Dan hating it cause he isn’t in to Alice (although he did buy the DVD for us on our first like movie date night which was cute!) but that was a while ago, so he doesn’t really need to do stuff like that for brownie points anymore.


First off, we didn’t think we we’re going to make the train so we went to McDonalds and had breakfast. McDonalds is one of those places where i always feel like they should be doing SO much more gluten free stuff by now as they’re so big. But no, heres my bacon and egg Mcmuffin, without the muffin..




When we finished, we went to park and eventually after a few different car parks we found a space (in the original one we were supposed to go in..) and then walked to the station. I say walk, Dan made us run, and we some how got the original train we were supposed to be getting, still now i have no idea how Dan didn’t run straight out the other side or trip over taking 3 steps at a time whilst my little legs didn’t keep up as well..


We got to London (please keep in mind the only place i’ve ever been on trains is in Paris and there is fine, easy i can handle it, but in the UK, i paid for a car, i’m using my car.. so trains aren’t a thing for me) and it was pretty drama free!


We’re never early for ANYTHING cause “WE” have the worlds worst time keeping. Yet somehow we were nearly 2 and a bit hours early. So we went to see Big ben, The London Eye, Had some Slush drinks and i was of course asking for selfies every 5 minutes..IMG_5114




We walked the longest way you could thing, but eventually found the Vaults and the graffiti tunnel. I think the tunnel itself is AMAZING! Dan disagrees cause he doesn’t see the point in graffiti and says it isn’t art.. but i do, so i took more pictures (shock) and send a load to Sam, who does loads of graffiti (legally) around Leicester.






We eventually got the the front door of The Vaults theatre itself. Had our bag searched and as soon as you go in, it’s as if you’re in another world. We clocked in with our tickets, got a stamp and had a look around until out show was called at 2:15pm. IMG_5120


There was SO much to look at and EVERYTHING was Alice themed. Nothing was missed they’d done everything and yet more than you could think or dream of to bring it to life.IMG_5121


They had loads of different cocktails too. They were again all alice themed. The bar guy was so lovely and went through every cocktail to find out what was Gluten Free and what wasn’t to help us and then was more than happy to change a few bits around so if it wasn’t originally Gluten free, he could make it so it was. I love when people do this so you don’t feel like you’re not included or like you have to miss out. IMG_5123


I’m gonna pretend he’s looking at me a smiling, but i think it was either Forest had scored or something amusing in one of his group chats. He looks cute though, so i’ll leave this photo here. IMG_5124


Behind Dan on the photo above, was a photo booth with an iPad, It had boomerangs and stuff so you could take pictures with the alice boarders and that. After 6 attempts we got two, but the other one i’m grabbing his face, so i’ll post this one instead! IMG_5132


There was no phones allowed inside, so we couldn’t take any other pictures which was sad, but also good cause it added to the experience. The show Alice Underground itself is incredible.


You’re first sent into a room, which itself is amazing. You walk through a secret passage way, and you chose eat or drink. We chose drink, so you drink and walk through a tiny door, as you’ve shrunk, and the people that choose eat go through a huge door, cause they’ve grown.


Then you’re given a playing card “All subjects are to be issued with a ‘Sanctioned Ultra-sensible identification ticket’ or a ‘SUIT’ for short. Your journey through Wonderland is guided by a charismatic playing card!”


I was the 2 of clubs – and i was also the luckiest person on the entire tour. I kept being pulled out for stuff, and taken into little rooms that no one else would get to see. I had to take tart kits and flour to the chef, i had to carry mouse milk around (it’s vary rare you know, do you know how hard it is to milk a mouse?). After crawling and running around with just one other playing card (one of the cast) i was taken back into the room with everyone else. Me and Dan then got spilt up as he was a spade! I started panicking but it was actually kinda fun and made it even better.


He had his tour, and i had mine, we had moles humping my feet, they’d only go away with mouse milk. We had to help paint the roses red, and so so SO much  more. The entire thing is incredible.


Me and Dan eventually met up again around half way round the show. We met up after seeing the twins and sat with the caterpillar. Dan got to eat the tarts but i got given a whistle to call the Jabberwocky.


We then went and got our tea, and sat ready for the mad hatters tea party. This itself, theres no words to describe it. Ive never been to anything like it in my entire 26 years of life.. Of course though, we all had to move seats, which means i was on the tall chair dancing with the cast and everyone was singing the Happy un-birthday song to me! (Honestly, i did more than anyone on this tour!)




After that there was a few other bits and the grand finale, which i won’t give away!


If you have the chance to go, then GO! I couldn’t recommend it more and we’re so lucky we got the tickets as a gift else i don’t think we would have gone at all!


We headed out, went to the station, and started our journey back to Rugby.


Dan, of course loves a nap so fell asleep on the train.. IMG_5145


Then woke up with my handbag printed on the side of his face, which i found really funny so heres a picture of that.. IMG_5149


We we’re going to eat in London but as it was a Saturday night decided not to. We ended up at Nandos in Rugby and ordered WAY too much food. IMG_5151




We some how ate it all though (after counting chips out to each other because we were just TOO full).


Theres less than 2 weeks left to see Alice Underground, so if you can get tickets, DO IT! It wont be here again, and i honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday. It was honestly Incredible.


To see more bits, Follow them on Instagram @AliceUnderLdn and Their website is http://www.alice-underground.com – the website itself will show you just half of how amazing it is.


Theres ALOT of walking around the show, you’re sat down for nothing, but this plus a mixture of climbing though bookcases, through forests, avoiding the Hearts, tarts and frogs – and yet making friends with the caterpillar is all worth it.




Safe to say after this we had a very very lazy Sunday as we both needed it! And on the odd chance we get to go back, we’ll just have to pick EAT!

Bees xo 

Hello September!

Hey! i’ve been super busy the last few weeks (blog posts coming about this) but i’m back before i take another break for Freshers at the end of the month!

It’s finally September! 
September is my FAVOURITE month of the year because it’t when the seasons change to Autumn! – And Autumn is clearly the best season for many reasons – I like summer, it’s warm, it’s hot, it’s when i take the most time off work, but I feel like i can’t buy over priced hot drinks and justify being cold or staying in bed all day with 6 Movies and a box set in the Summer either.

So here’s a list of why Autumn is the best..


Jumpers, Cardigans, Jackets, Sweaters, Wool in general – You can buy 2343 new ones and justify it. Theres some really cute ones in New Look at the moment too! You can throw one on top of another every time your slightly cold and call it an outfit.

Brisk Breeze.

It’s chilly, but it’s not freezing like Winter is. Plus as above – you can add layers and still look cute AF.

Eskimo Kisses To Warm The Nose.

Eskimo kisses also mean you don’t smudge your lipstick, hence why darker shades of browns, reds and purples are dropped into store at the start of September. I LOVE darker shades, so eskimo kisses work fine with me..


It’s cold enough for Tea, Coffee or OTT Hot Chocolates.

You can justify making (or stopping in cute little cafes) for Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate and don’t have to order everything iced. IMG_5358

One Pot Meals.

Warm stews, curries and one pot meals! Throw everything into a pot and let it cook slowly – Theres SO many recipes online too!


I mean, i light candles ALL year, but then get moaned at cause it makes our bedroom too hot (kinda makes sense) but in Autumn the days are shorter, nights are longer, so candles become something you can definitely justify lighting to make your room look cuter. Fairy lights too!

Blankets, Cuddling, Books, Box Sets. 

You can justify getting up in the morning, showering putting fresh PJ’s on and then climbing back into bed for the entire day. It’s chilly outside and probably raining, so lets do this.. You also don’t get too hot in bed and stick to one another… no matter how close you are or how long you’ve been together thats pretty gross.



Everything looks different, so it’s like a new walk. I LOVE going to Matlock in the Autumn. The Leaves have fallen, they decorate with lights everywhere and you can walk and walk with so much to see and do. Including the illuminations which are on every weekend in September.

Colourful leaves:

Is there a lot of stuff better then feeling the leaves crunching under your feet and kicking them around? Autumn makes everything look prettier.

Bonfires and wood burners.

My little brother LOVES a wood burner. On Sunday after dinner he went straight into the garden to light it – this is the perfect excuse to roast marshmallows too!



Sandals are away until next Summer, out comes every type of sock you can think of. Knee high socks are so okay in Autumn too! I wear these every possibility i get – They instantly make your outfit look cuter and keep your legs warm at the same time – its win win.


The smell of cinnamon is everywhere! It goes into hot chocolates, cookies, cakes everything. I LOVE cinnamon!



Ugg boots, ankle boots, Timberlands, it doesn’t matter which, your feet are ALWAYS cosy.

Pumpkins & Halloween.

Autumn is Halloween and this is my absolute favourite holiday even if it is originally american. I LOVE dressing up, going OTT on faceprint and going to pick my own pumpkin to calve it! I’m really bad at it, do an awful job, but hey! It’s fun..


I think i was supposed to be a clown here? I have no idea why, I’m terrified of clowns.IMG_5367

Pumpkin Carving.

Awful pumpkin, it has a Bee on it though and like i said above, it was fun.. ish.IMG_5368

I went to work like this. This is why Autumn and Halloween is so great. IMG_5369


Halloween means scare fest – I LOVE Scarefest at Alton Towers, I Didn’t go last year which sucked cause I had tickets. Dan hates rides though, so I guess some peer pressure will have to be put on him so he comes this year! I already messaged two of his friends last month to make sure they find dates to come with.. failing that, they can take each other!

And of course..


The end of September and most of October is filled with the Fresh Festival (Freshers fortnight events) and the Halloween Festival (Halloween events).

I work in events so i’m super lucky to be able to be a part of these every year. I’m about to do my 5th Freshers. The office is loads smaller now, so i have to be less annoying and over excited – But I think i’m actually more excited than ever!


Bees xo


The magical place for GF..


I’ve been crazy busy and feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day to blog at the moment! We’ve just got back from taking my niece to Disney land for her birthday and after the “meal” at the airport i was really really worried about being about to eat at Disneyland and not having to live off of Crisps and ice tea.

We flew from Luton airport and got there just after mid day. We went to Frankie and Benny’s for an all day breakfast (the normal thing people eat at the airport before they fly right…?)

When we got there I asked for the gluten free menu. The main menu looked amazing, there was SO much stuff on it and i fancied so much of it!

…I got half a side of A4 paper as my menu and there was a breakfast on it. Looking at it properly i couldn’t even eat the chips as they were cooked with onion rings etc. How hard is it to keep oils separate? But hey, how bad could it be?

I ordered the chicken burger with a sour cream potato.

The chicken burger was meant to be full of salad, so lettuce, tomato, relish, mayo, red onion, cheese and bacon.

This is what i was presented with – a dry chicken burger that was still pink in the middle and a jacket potato that was harder than my mums rock pool in the back garden.

I made the most of it, but it was AWFUL. – To make matters worse, desert wise i could have a fruit salad or nothing.


After this i was even more worried, the last thing I felt like doing after only recently hitting my target weight was living on salads for the week.

When we bought the Disney land tickets we got free discount vouchers for planet Hollywood. We’d eaten there before and it was alright, not great but we thought we’d give it a try.

We walked in, got seated straight away, i asked for the Gluten Free menu and it was already in the normal menu! I loved this because it’s sometimes awkward asking for the other menu when they’ve already sat you down.

There was SO much on the menu to choose from!

From burgers to pastas, steaks, pizzas and more! – I don’t think i’ve ever had this much choice GF food wise in one place.




The first day i rushed because i didn’t look properly and realise that there was more than one page. I just ordered a margarita pizza. I wasn’t that hungry and for the price i wasn’t expecting much. The photo makes it look so average, but it wasn’t, it was beaut! It was crispy and didn’t have the horrible stodgy dough taste a lot have, plus it wasn’t stick thin either!


The second day i looked at the menu so much more – and i got stuck.

Luckily I have a really understanding boyfriend that knows how difficult eating out can be for me – so he also ordered his food Gluten free and picked off the Gluten free menu so i could have some of his…

We ordered a pepperoni pizza and a BBQ chicken, bacon and cheese burger – and Dan cut both in half so we could have half each! The chips were gluten free too! Plus all the portions were massive!


I’m really lucky that Dan understands how excited i get about good GF menus..

The bread on the burger was soft and toasted (this never happens)

They asked us how we wanted the burger cooked (we had medium and it was perfect)

They filled everything up just as much as the usual and non gluten free portions – and they didn’t cost any more than the normal ones – which is again really rare!

If you see a Planet Hollywood i strongly suggest nipping in and ordering some food! Just don’t order sides, you really don’t need them! We were stuffed for hours after!

It’s safe to say when we go back i won’t be worrying or stressing myself out about being able to eat an actual meal again!

Bees xo 

Eating out – GF Style!

I haven’t posted in well over a week! I’ve been super busy! So here.. Have a blog post!

Having Coeliacs means it used to be really hard to eat out and stuff! Lots of waiters and waitresses have no idea what it is or just think you’re being fussy. People don’t realise the smallest bit of gluten or wheat can knock you off your feet for a few days leading up to a week!

Saying this though, I HATE asking for the gluten free menu, asking if stuff has gluten it and i especially hate it when at parties everyone makes a massive fuss. Theres always way to much gluten free food made cause I’m normally the only one that eats it! I really don’t need 9 different sandwich choices!

Although saying this, i went to my uncles wedding last new years eve and the food there was AMAZING. They did everything gluten free for me! 4 different types of pizza, fish and chips and LOADS more! It was great, i couldn’t eat the next day though, i was way too full still.

If you’ve just been diagnosed it can seem really difficult to eat out, so below are a few of my favourite and least favourite places to eat!



Wagamama’s is our go to whenever we’re in town. Although the menu isn’t labeled that well, it’s super easy to swap stuff. So i have ramen, and then take bits out, add bits in and then swap the noodles for rice noodles. The chefs are great, they always ask if you want extra bits too!

Toby’s Cookies


Slightly different here.. Toby works for the same company as i do, he bakes, ALOT. He promised me cookies for ages and then he finally made me an entire batch. My bosses tried some too and they said how good they were. They were honestly the best cookies i’ve ever eaten! Imagine Millies cookies (that don’t do gluten free when they blatantly could) and then times this by like 54234! Thats how good these cookies are.

The Otter


At the Otter it’s really easy to eat gluten free. The majority of the things on the Roast dinners are gluten free. Above is the Mixed roast dinner platter, it’s SO GOOD! They have a full gluten free folder too and they’re happy enough to go through it with you. Obviously just don\t eat the Yorkshire puddings!

Also at the Otter they have GF Puddings! I find when i eat out, i end up with ice cream most of the time.. I like ice cream, but when theres cake on offer, does anyone REALLY want plain ice cream?!

The cake i have is a carrot cake cheese cake, so it’s carrot cake on the bottom with a creamy cheese cake top. The bottom is kind of hard but it all equals out if you eat it with the topping!

Bella Italia

The first time i went here it was great, the second time it was awful but still LOADS better than Ziti’s (this was awful and doesn’t even deserve a post)!

I went a few weeks ago with my friend Charlie who is also GF.

The gluten free garlic bread to start with his really good but fills you up quickly!

I had the Carbonara for main, and Charlie had some pasta with prawns and stuff. The pasta was cooked perfectly and you could tell it hadn’t just been heated up etc. IMG_9763

On the menu, the chips said they could come as a GF option, we both had stomach ache after, so we’re guessing the chips are maybe fried in the same oil as the Gluten products. – The food here is great but maybe stay away from the fried products!

Ed’s Easy Diner

This was.. an experience.

When we went in we got seated pretty much straight away. The guy seating us grunted cause i asked for a gluten free menu but i got one eventually!

The waitress came over to say they had NO gluten free rolls for hotdogs or buns for burgers… Ok, so they’re a burger bar? And they have no bread.. ok cool, we’ll go old school and have it without bread.


Once it came it was AWFUL. It was so over cooked, tasted like metal and it wasn’t edible. Luckily i’d ordered bacon cheese fries which were pretty good. Dan ordered chilli cheese fries that definitely weren’t worth £5.90. My Bacon ones only looked better cause they doubled up the toppings for me due to the lack of bread..IMG_0303

If i went here again, i’d definitely only have the chips and a milkshake..


We only went to harvester last minute for puddings cause apparently their GF puddings are really good… Yeah, no. This isn’t the case. They have ONE GF pudding which is a sticky toffee pudding, great yeah? The last 3-4 times i’ve been they’ve been sold out..


We ended up ordering milkshakes which were apparently called “Freak shakes” Dans was decent, mine was just overpriced vanilla ice-cream with 4 marshmallows and some rock hard candy floss on top.. Never again.

Handmade Burger Co

IMG_0568This was great, the bun came separate too and it was sealed so it wasn’t dry! my burger had cheese inside of the burger, by the time you’ve actually built the burger its huge and you kinda can’t pick it up. It was really nice though & i can’t wait to go back!

Frankie and Benny’s – Breakfast.


It never looks like theres much food, but it always fills you up! Plus it only costs like £5.95 or something cheap! You have to mix match – take some stuff off and add some stuff. Depending on which branch you go to depends on how they cook stuff. So be super careful and make sure you know how the potatoes and stuff are cooked!



Mcdonalds is just that bog standard burger and chips. With how big the company is you’d have thought they’d have SOMETHING gf, but no. I have a big mac and chips – with no bread.

YoYo Frozen Yogurt


Last summer i went to Alicante. They had this little frozen yogurt bar that had EVERY flavour and topping and sauce you can think of. You pay for how much it weighs but its definitely worth it! Theres fresh fruit, dried fruit, cold sauces, hot sauces, sweets, nuts, jelly sweets, chocolate and SO much more. We need one of these exact places in the UK.

Pizza Hut


Pizza hut is nice due to the Salad bar, but its kinda like, if you wanna risk that nothings contaminated with gluten then do it. The pizza bases are pretty hard so you need the salad or the sauces. Along as you have a lot of toppings its pretty good!

Dominos Pizza


The only side you can eat is coleslaw now.. The pizza bases are pretty chalky and wayyy to expensive. But along as you have the dip and ALOT of toppings it’s pretty tasty! It’s always fine when you’re hungover.

Peter Pizza


Peter pizza is this magical place where non of the pizzas are dry, the gluten free base actually has a really nice crust and they do about 12-15 different types of pizza. You can have them with or without sauce, add or take away toppings and everything is so tasty! It fills you up super quick though. They’re proper pizzas cooked in a huge stone pizza oven too! I know they have a restaurant in both Leicester and Loughborough but I’m unsure if they have one anywhere else!

They also do Nutella pizza for desert which is incredible, i LOVE chocolate but even i can’t finish it!

Five Guys


Five guys is the only place i don’t mind eating a burger without bread. It’s a fixed price once you’ve chosen your burger then you just add whatever toppings and sauces you like. If you go for the GF option they have two. They either serve it in a tray for you or wrap it in lettuce leaves. The lettuce wrap is the one i always have, its really messy but really nice so it’s totally worth it! Chips are GF too!

Anyone else had good and bad experiences when eating out gluten free? Drop me a message of new places to try too! 

Bees xo 


#SundayFunday – It’s TOO hot!

On Friday Dan Surprised me and came up on Friday night before i went to work instead of Saturday! I’d been pretty grumpy all week from over worrying and being a massive girl about not seeing him!


It’s like a weekend tradition now. EVERY Saturday Dan gets a fry up and most Sundays too! So me and my mum keep seeing who can buy the best stuff for the best fry up etc..


It’s like 30 degrees this weekend which to me is insane, we live in the UK.. I swear it’s never this hot?! So we decided to eat in the garden..IMG_9261

I found out my step dad grew fruit and veg in the garden too, literally didn’t realise until my niece pointed out some strawberries on a  random plant.IMG_9100

Everyone else is having the best time, we’ve got all the Family over andddd I’m stuck with the worlds worst hay fever, can’t see due to streaming eyes but its totally worth sitting outside with my niece and two nephews! IMG_9269

Sunday Sunday & it’s actually Sunny, Of course this means a BBQ! IMG_9258

Being gluten free people get a lot more excited about BBQ’s than i do. I just like all the different salads. Mint salad is my favourite, it’s made from Fresh mint, Cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, white wine vinegar and olive oil. It’s SO good, my mum had it at a Spanish restaurant years ago and now we always bug her to make it! IMG_9267

I wore the cutest shorts today. It comes as a two piece from boohoo.com for £12! The tops exactly the same print as the bottoms and it’s so light weight, they’ve still got them now and they’re perfect to chuck on, on a hot day! IMG_9366

We stayed in this weekend cause it was just TOO hot to do anything else. I had a really fun weekend playing far too much swing ball and sitting in a child’s paddling pool though!

Until next week,
Bees xo 

#SundayFunday – We went on a boat!

Sorry for the late post! I had a busy week and weekend. I meant to post on Sunday but went for a “nap” at 7pm and didn’t wake up until 10am the following morning..  So heres my late #SundayFunday blog post!

So, on Saturday we went to my works Summer Ball, we left by about 3am because we had such a busy day planned on Sunday with my family. Dan moved home last week so i was convinced we were going to make the most of this weekend!

You always see all the #CoupleGoals posts on Instagram, and they’re cute AF. So! What better way to spend out Sunday! – I Scrolled through Instagram to get some date day ideas, we were out with my family anyways at Wicksteed Park – and then BOOM, i see the boating lake! 4 hours sleep between us, neither of us like exercise – how hard can this be?

We suited up in life jackets ( I can’t actually swim very well other than doggy paddle) and paid our 4 tickets and then off we went! Tickets are like £1.20 each, so half an hour on this boat only cost us £4.80 – Bargain right?!


Please remember the below photo – couple goals, instagram couple, cute right?


So! We get in the boat, i scream a lot cause Dan decides to rock it. Everyones going faster than us, but thats cool? We’re going at our own pace.. Why is everyone rowing the wrong way? Oh no.. we’ve now been in the boat for 10 minutes – going backwards. IMG_8737

We turn round – a chance to go forward correct? No. Dan finds a massive fountain in the middle of the lake, I’m screaming and he’s still rocking the boat singing “Don’t rock the boat, Don’t rock the boat baby!” – Confirmed : Wondering if he can swim so i can throw him in? He’s now moaning his arms are tired – okay we’ll swap!

I take over rowing, i think I’m doing really well, i have tiny arms, this is better than the gym! I have the worlds worst hay fever, i can’t actually see from teary eyes, i can’t smell cause my nose is blocked and I’m completely snotty – but hey other than that – this is going totally fine!

I may or may not (definitely may) have forgotten to look where we were actually going – so we crash slightly into a wall – it’s okay! Have to fear Bees and her big arms are here! I get us away from the wall (cussing at Dan the entire time about what massive arms i have and how he’s a wuss etc…)


Hmm.. A Willow tree seems to have appeared.. how do i turn again? What do i do!? Why isn’t he helping me?!


So, not a massive issue, who needs turning anyway? We’ll just go through the tree, its totally better anyways! IMG_8770

Okay this kind of hurts now, we attempt to duck.. IMG_8773

Tree. A lot of Tree. An Awful Lot of tree – A HUGE TREE.IMG_8774

We get out of the tree, i keep rowing, it’s only a tree, I have leaves in my hair now but hey! It’s totally fine! Right?

Oh no – a motor boat goes past us. I can’t row next to this?! We end up IN the fountain. We’re laughing, were wet, we’re in bright bloody orange and i still can’t breathe.


Dan takes back the job of rowing and i give up – we row back to the start (it’s been over 40 minutes, we’d only booked it for half an hour…) We crash, run over some ducks, make another boat with a 3 year old girl in  it crash – and we end up parking the boat (is that what you’d call it?) backwards…

So, what have we learnt? Instagram couples are not real life! I doubt they ended up getting off the boat soaked and covered in leaves after crashing repeatedly, nearly falling out and running over some ducks!

Better luck next week!

Bees xo 


#SundayFunday – Bank Holiday Edition.

SO! It’s a 3 day weekend and I’m shattered and feel like I’ve been busy busy! 

On Saturday we went to Dan’s for his little sisters 18th, they went for a meal but I had last minute plans with some friends so went there instead! I wore this really cute navy and white play suit from boohoo and a denim jacket to dress it down a bit, i also had a double belt on from Toyshop. For once a belt actually fits me properly.


Me, Phoebs, Tom and Keable went to Nandos. They didn’t check how our food was and it made me sad. We were literally just going for a quick Nandos and a catch up, and this somehow turned into bowling. They had no lanes, so this some how turned into a night out instead..


Phoebs was busy so it was just me Tom, Keable and Alex joined us after he got back to Leicester. We invited Billy but he was busy. So it turned into just us four.

Keable accidentally somehow found a Nandos chicken, We named the chicken Nunny and this chicken then came on a night out with us..

We had pres at Ashleigh Road for what could be the last time ever. (This is VERY heartbreaking), i had about 2 or 3 drinks and then Tom did the usual of picking me up off the bathroom floor. We dusted me off and then headed into town.

They JOKED about us walking there, me, walk? Haha. It’s still funny thinking about it now.. IMG_8004IMG_8007

Alex found this birthday badge which he then wore for pretty much the entire night..IMG_8008

We left, then went to McDonalds and headed back home. We ate drunk mcdonalds, i borrowed a t-shirt and watched Chicken Run. Chicken Run then turned quite deep and into politics and was compared to a concentration camp at like 4am. I can’t really remember much of this.. IMG_8015

I got the taxi driver to pose with the chicken… i think we paid him extra for this? IMG_8019

See.. still have the chicken..IMG_8027

On Sunday i made in home about midday, i slowly but surely climbed into bed and went to sleep.

I eventually got woken up to my mum telling me we were going out for dinner.

I wore a similar outfit to yesterday but a white play suit instead. They’re super comfy and only £14 at the moment too with free next day delivery.


We went to “The Otter” it was really nice but i don’t think much to the service. They bought my stater out with normal bread even though we’d checked repeatedly. They took it back and then bought the same starter out with crumbs all over the plate and Gluten Free bread separate. This may not seem like a big deal, but anyone who’s medically Gluten free can tell you it is..

They’d ran out of roast dinners too, so i had a lamb shank instead.

Mum wanted a cute picture of us, so here, look.. a cute picture..IMG_8051

I had a hissy fit at the table cause The Otter has the BEST puddings, and they’d ran out of everything gluten free. I legit felt like crying… but no! The waitress found me the last 2 pieces of Gluten Free carrot cake and put it into one MASSIVE piece. Safe to say i had to adjust my belt after eating all this..

Look, another cute photo. I have a round face and Dan was actually pinching me in the back here.. IMG_8069

BETTER THOUGH! I’d gone through this entire hangover day and then my mum bought this bad boy to me… 36 packets of my favourite crisps. IMG_8078

Today i woke up and i’m yet to get dressed. I still have stomach ache, i’ve watched way to many films and picked at food all day.

I have work tonight and I’m seeing Nathan in a bit to catch up too!

It’s time to nap..

Bees xo