#SundayFunday – We went on a boat!

Sorry for the late post! I had a busy week and weekend. I meant to post on Sunday but went for a “nap” at 7pm and didn’t wake up until 10am the following morning..  So heres my late #SundayFunday blog post!

So, on Saturday we went to my works Summer Ball, we left by about 3am because we had such a busy day planned on Sunday with my family. Dan moved home last week so i was convinced we were going to make the most of this weekend!

You always see all the #CoupleGoals posts on Instagram, and they’re cute AF. So! What better way to spend out Sunday! – I Scrolled through Instagram to get some date day ideas, we were out with my family anyways at Wicksteed Park – and then BOOM, i see the boating lake! 4 hours sleep between us, neither of us like exercise – how hard can this be?

We suited up in life jackets ( I can’t actually swim very well other than doggy paddle) and paid our 4 tickets and then off we went! Tickets are like £1.20 each, so half an hour on this boat only cost us £4.80 – Bargain right?!


Please remember the below photo – couple goals, instagram couple, cute right?


So! We get in the boat, i scream a lot cause Dan decides to rock it. Everyones going faster than us, but thats cool? We’re going at our own pace.. Why is everyone rowing the wrong way? Oh no.. we’ve now been in the boat for 10 minutes – going backwards. IMG_8737

We turn round – a chance to go forward correct? No. Dan finds a massive fountain in the middle of the lake, I’m screaming and he’s still rocking the boat singing “Don’t rock the boat, Don’t rock the boat baby!” – Confirmed : Wondering if he can swim so i can throw him in? He’s now moaning his arms are tired – okay we’ll swap!

I take over rowing, i think I’m doing really well, i have tiny arms, this is better than the gym! I have the worlds worst hay fever, i can’t actually see from teary eyes, i can’t smell cause my nose is blocked and I’m completely snotty – but hey other than that – this is going totally fine!

I may or may not (definitely may) have forgotten to look where we were actually going – so we crash slightly into a wall – it’s okay! Have to fear Bees and her big arms are here! I get us away from the wall (cussing at Dan the entire time about what massive arms i have and how he’s a wuss etc…)


Hmm.. A Willow tree seems to have appeared.. how do i turn again? What do i do!? Why isn’t he helping me?!


So, not a massive issue, who needs turning anyway? We’ll just go through the tree, its totally better anyways! IMG_8770

Okay this kind of hurts now, we attempt to duck.. IMG_8773

Tree. A lot of Tree. An Awful Lot of tree – A HUGE TREE.IMG_8774

We get out of the tree, i keep rowing, it’s only a tree, I have leaves in my hair now but hey! It’s totally fine! Right?

Oh no – a motor boat goes past us. I can’t row next to this?! We end up IN the fountain. We’re laughing, were wet, we’re in bright bloody orange and i still can’t breathe.


Dan takes back the job of rowing and i give up – we row back to the start (it’s been over 40 minutes, we’d only booked it for half an hour…) We crash, run over some ducks, make another boat with a 3 year old girl in  it crash – and we end up parking the boat (is that what you’d call it?) backwards…

So, what have we learnt? Instagram couples are not real life! I doubt they ended up getting off the boat soaked and covered in leaves after crashing repeatedly, nearly falling out and running over some ducks!

Better luck next week!

Bees xo 


#SundayFunday – Broken Car!


It’s time for the #SundayFunday blog post! 

So, Me and Dan had the most amazing weekend planned. The last couple of Fridays when we’ve stayed at his, if he’s been out at the event i work at we’ve got take away at like 4am and eaten it when we got in at his infront of the TV in PJ’s and not worried about the time. I REALLY love doing this, my sleeping pattern is a mess at the best of times because of my job. Dan goes home on Wednesday and he isn’t moving back until like October time, so stuff like this really matters even if it does seem so silly to other people!

Saturday we were having a Netflix and chill day because we didn’t go to sleep at his until around 7am and Sunday i’d planned a trip to Matlock Bath, with cable cars, walks, wellies, and basically loads of cute stuff that costs next to nothing (because everyone loves a 2p arcade machine)!

This plan failed.

Saturday went perfectly, until we drove home and massive bit of metal fell off my car.

So today has consisted of bed days, food, football manager and basically being lazy.

I’ve felt really ill at work this week, so actually, I kinda think this is what I needed.

Although I was really bummed out that we didn’t really get to do much, i’ve had a really nice day.

Last night when we got in, Dan and my step dad moved stuff around to set a DVD player up in my room so we could watch Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

I’m and absolute nightmare when I’m mardy or in a bad mood, but the fact they did this instantly put me in a good mood cause it meant I could watch something Harry Potter related.

We lit the candles, put the DVD on, then we chilled. We had planned this amazing late night with loads of DVD’s and netflix.. We were both fast asleep half way through the film… OOOPS!


We eventually woke up and it’s Sunday which means we HAD to have a fry up. I thought we were having breakfast but it ended up being at gone 1pm..


It was SO good though.. IMG_8312

I’ve literally done nothing fun today. I’ve had the biggest chill day catching up with Keeping up with the Kardashians, messaging possible brand reps back, attempting to pack a little more, Oh! and we’ve house hunted more.. a little bit. A very very little bit.. IMG_8366

Next weekend is the Summer Ball at work, so expect a much better post with me actually moving out my room! This week at work we’ve got £1 drinks, Krispy Kremes and 2 massive weekend events. I’m so excited to see everyone!

Bees xo 

How is it already June?!


So, it’s June and this uni year feels like its gone SO quick. I’ve met and got close got some really amazing people, and most of them will be gone soon!

I started to move my room around the other day, to work out what i wanna keep and what i don’t when i move out.. it’s a LONG job.

I went through all my books and found this. I bought it from urban outfitters like 2 years ago. I’m yet to fill any of it in though. It’s literally what it says on the front. A book with 642 different things to write about in. I can’t wait to have some time this summer to start it. IMG_8219

As procrastinating goes, I sat in the garden and ended up being out there for hours. I love my mums garden, its so pretty. It has little water falls, various ponds and water features too. It’s pretty massive too! IMG_8222

We got really bored the other day and decided to cook cause I feel like i hadn’t properly in ages! We cooked BBQ ribs, buttered corn, made some coleslaw and grilled some watermelon and lime to have with it. It was really tasty and ALL Gluten Free!

I’ve been feeling really tired and low this week. I’ve not eaten much and I kept getting really dizzy and getting headaches at work. I worked out how much i’d been drinking and it was next to nothing. I was talking to my friend Cat about it (@LadyLawStudent) and the next day she bought this super cute water bottle to work for me! It holds like a litre of water and has definitely helped me remember to drink throughout the day! I’m starting to feel better already! IMG_8277

There was a Lime Crime sale on and I ordered some lipsticks, i’ll do a separate post about them with my opinion and some swatches too.

It’s been a crazy week at work because it’s been end of exams week, so I haven’t really done much apart from pack bits up and work!

Hopefully i’ll post something slightly more interesting this week, we’ll see! 

Bees xo 

#SundayFunday – Bank Holiday Edition.

SO! It’s a 3 day weekend and I’m shattered and feel like I’ve been busy busy! 

On Saturday we went to Dan’s for his little sisters 18th, they went for a meal but I had last minute plans with some friends so went there instead! I wore this really cute navy and white play suit from boohoo and a denim jacket to dress it down a bit, i also had a double belt on from Toyshop. For once a belt actually fits me properly.


Me, Phoebs, Tom and Keable went to Nandos. They didn’t check how our food was and it made me sad. We were literally just going for a quick Nandos and a catch up, and this somehow turned into bowling. They had no lanes, so this some how turned into a night out instead..


Phoebs was busy so it was just me Tom, Keable and Alex joined us after he got back to Leicester. We invited Billy but he was busy. So it turned into just us four.

Keable accidentally somehow found a Nandos chicken, We named the chicken Nunny and this chicken then came on a night out with us..

We had pres at Ashleigh Road for what could be the last time ever. (This is VERY heartbreaking), i had about 2 or 3 drinks and then Tom did the usual of picking me up off the bathroom floor. We dusted me off and then headed into town.

They JOKED about us walking there, me, walk? Haha. It’s still funny thinking about it now.. IMG_8004IMG_8007

Alex found this birthday badge which he then wore for pretty much the entire night..IMG_8008

We left, then went to McDonalds and headed back home. We ate drunk mcdonalds, i borrowed a t-shirt and watched Chicken Run. Chicken Run then turned quite deep and into politics and was compared to a concentration camp at like 4am. I can’t really remember much of this.. IMG_8015

I got the taxi driver to pose with the chicken… i think we paid him extra for this? IMG_8019

See.. still have the chicken..IMG_8027

On Sunday i made in home about midday, i slowly but surely climbed into bed and went to sleep.

I eventually got woken up to my mum telling me we were going out for dinner.

I wore a similar outfit to yesterday but a white play suit instead. They’re super comfy and only £14 at the moment too with free next day delivery.


We went to “The Otter” it was really nice but i don’t think much to the service. They bought my stater out with normal bread even though we’d checked repeatedly. They took it back and then bought the same starter out with crumbs all over the plate and Gluten Free bread separate. This may not seem like a big deal, but anyone who’s medically Gluten free can tell you it is..

They’d ran out of roast dinners too, so i had a lamb shank instead.

Mum wanted a cute picture of us, so here, look.. a cute picture..IMG_8051

I had a hissy fit at the table cause The Otter has the BEST puddings, and they’d ran out of everything gluten free. I legit felt like crying… but no! The waitress found me the last 2 pieces of Gluten Free carrot cake and put it into one MASSIVE piece. Safe to say i had to adjust my belt after eating all this..

Look, another cute photo. I have a round face and Dan was actually pinching me in the back here.. IMG_8069

BETTER THOUGH! I’d gone through this entire hangover day and then my mum bought this bad boy to me… 36 packets of my favourite crisps. IMG_8078

Today i woke up and i’m yet to get dressed. I still have stomach ache, i’ve watched way to many films and picked at food all day.

I have work tonight and I’m seeing Nathan in a bit to catch up too!

It’s time to nap..

Bees xo 


Sunday Funday – Rain Edition.

It’s Sunday, It’s raining..again.

The sun is shining, everywhere is dry… OH wait, we live in England.

Instead of being super bored for the entire day, moaning that it’s a waste of a day and nature hates us and we only ever get 4 sunny days in England, take a look below at some easy date day idea’s to do in the rain! 


Staying dry..

  1. Go bowling –  It’s like £6.19 at Hollywood bowl and student discount is available too! You can shove on jeans and a hoodie and this is still perfectly acceptable with those lovely red blue and white shoes..
  2. Go on a rainy day shopping spree – Whats the reason you’re stuck inside? Head into town and buy each other those cute rain coats (that are possibly only acceptable to wear at festivals) but you forget all about them when it isn’t raining. Orr just head straight to H&M and get another outfit that you probably don’t need.. Crop tops for £3.99, everyone needs those!
  3. Go out –  find a Cafe with a big window. Sit by the window and sip hot chocolate whilst making plans for another day.. or laugh at everyone getting soaked outside. (You can laugh cause it’s gonna be you in a while!).
  4. Eat – Go and eat too much food. When it rains we head straight to a Carvery. We eat our body weight then struggle to walk out, then we head straight home to put PJ’s on and chill with our food comas.
  5. House projects – Whether you wanna change one room or the entire house, nip out, grab magazines and catalogs and sit there and start getting ideas. ( I did this but actually just ended up making a photo collage and putting 7 strings of fairy lights up..)
  6. Go Ghost Hunting – Every town or city has some old places to check out, so try it.
  7. Arcade – An arcade doesn’t have to be expensive (unless you’re me and you REALLY need that £2 teddy from the Claw grabber..) Give yourself a budget, it’s like 50p to play air hockey and beat your OH, then you can be smug for the entire day too.
  8. Book a short break – You can book short breaks online with a deposit of like £20. OR if you go onto booking.com, on most of the hotels you don’t have to pay until you arrive. This means plenty of time to save.
  9. Board games – When was the last time you actually played a board game? Dust them off from the cupboard and give it ago. Again, if you win, you can be smug all day..
  10. Netflix and Chill – I love Netflix. Whoever invented the idea of Netflix is in my opinion, a god of their own. Put some PJ’s on, Face masks (Which your OH clearly does wanna do but just not when he’s being a “LAD”) and snuggle with a Netflix series. You’ll be surprised how much you get through.
  11. Go to a water park – Water world in stoke is huge. It’s around £10 each and you can be in there for hours!
  12. Play The SIMS – I recently downloaded this on my mac and have been playing it since. I keep building houses and being like “This is gonna be our house”. Sims is a guilty pleasure and Dan loves to pretend he doesn’t like it and then gets involved.

Don’t Mind Getting Wet..?

  1. Walk – Put your wellies on, act like a kid and go splash in puddles. Get your OH to take some photos so you have memories too! Anyone can get photos plus theres no one around if you feel awkward about posing. (I strongly recommend not doing this in jeans..wet jeans hurt.)

Failing all of this, just do the obvious…


Happy Sunday!

Bees xo 

Basic Every Day Make-Up Bag.

I’m a massive makeup hoarder that hates throwing anything away. It got to the point where i had to take 3 different makeup bags to Dan’s so I sorted it all out now to all my ‘Basics’ that I couldn’t possibly leave the house without.. IMG_6993

I’ve tried every foundation you can think of. I have dry / combination skin and started to think that I couldn’t get a better foundation then MAC. I tried Estee Lauder double wear and it’s amazing. It stays on literally until you take it off. It doesn’t transfer or make you break out either. Plus theres so weird smell like their is with MAC. It doesn’t come with a pump on the bottle which is a little annoying cause its a glass bottle so you can’t squeeze it. It’s £28 in boots at the minute so I better stock up…IMG_7355

I love love love the MAC Pro Long wear concealer. Loads of people say it’s to thick and if you put it on with a brush it is. If you try with a beauty blender it lasts all day and doesn’t cake up. IMG_7356

Depending on what i’m doing.. If i have a lot of liner on then the Benefit “They’re real!” mascara is really good. It completely coats your lashes but you need to buy the remover to take it off, else it WILL pull your lashes out. The Maxfactor masterpiece max mascara is amazing and seriously under rated. IMG_7357

I was using the NYX Vinyl liquid eyeliner in black, but it leaked in my makeup bag on holiday and ruined loads of stuff. I’ve had another one since then which also leaked. So yeah, don’t buy this.. I’m now using the NYX Epic Ink liner. It goes on like a brush tip felt pen and stays on ALL DAY. It’s really black too and doesn’t dry out. IMG_7358

Make up revolution contour pallet. Some people say it’s greesey. I find that if you put it on in small layers it’s totally fine. Make sure you use a beauty blender too.

I bought the cutest blusher on holiday in Madrid. It was 6 euros from Druni. Theres so much of it and it’s got loads of pigment too! IMG_7361IMG_7362

I’m currently using the photo loving primer from NYX in green. My face is really red at the minute so it covers the redness up. It’s a little oily but it does the job. IMG_7363

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have HOOLA by benefit. It’s the best. As you can see mines pretty battered so say the least. I’ve had it for 14 Months + and it’s getting to the point I really do need a new one but theres still so much powder left inside it! IMG_7364

I got the NYX No filter powder from work. Everyone raved about it so I was expecting good things. As long as you let your foundation dry before you use it, theres literally no need to reapply throughout the day. It lasts ALL day.

The Benefit Read Set BROW! Brow gel is really good. The only issue with it is that its clear. It keeps all the hairs in place but they used to do one that came in different shades and I kinda miss my brown one.. IMG_7366

Freedom Eyebrow pomade in soft brown and MAC True Brunette fluid line brow gel creme are on my brows every day. I’m pretty sure the MAC one is an eyeliner but it works really well and doesn’t smudge so.. a lot of people use the ABH dip brow but mine dried up after a week so i refuse to pay £25+ for more. IMG_7367

Sarah gave me this eyebrow pencil and its amazing! She said it came in a big set. It’s from Soap and glory and the highlight side of it is amazing and blends super easy!IMG_7368

Something from the Make-up revolution pallet in GIRL PANIC and MAC I’m into it go on my eyes every day and then ALWAYS MAC Nylon to highlight my eyes. All these shadows have loads of pigment and don’t cream up too.

I love love love my Spectrum brushes. I have the entire unicorn set pretty much twice. There really soft and precise. Plus they’re easy to use. If you sign up to their website you get 10% off too.IMG_7370

When we were in Madrid I fell in love with this highlighter. I wasn’t going to buy it cause it was like 30 euros but Dan persuaded me too. This may be one of the best things he’s ever done.. You need less than a drop and it goes on so easy. I’ve used this every single day most times twice a day (when i re do my makeup for work in the evening) and i’ve still only used the stuff in the lid.IMG_7373

all this makeup is what I’d use on a daily basis.


Bees xo