Alcudia – Spain

Last week I was in Alcudia in Spain and we stayed at the Belle Vue Club Hotel – And it was AWFUL.

We went all inclusive but the food was SO bad, they offered be iceberg lettuce and grated carrots as it was the only thing they knew was definitely gluten free.. We told them a head I was coeliac and explained.. They said they knew all about it and all about other allergies but clearly they didn’t.

They also booked in 500+ Spanish students into the resort so even when it was meal time we couldn’t get to the food anyway as you literally got pushed out the way..

It was that bad I didn’t even have a bed for the week as they’d double booked – it was honestly awful.

On the plus side, we left the resort a lot (not that we had a choice) and we found some really good places for gluten free food, especially in the Old Town of Alcudia.

We found a restaurant where the chef was also gluten free, so he knew everything and the good was incredible! It was called “Sa Fonda Liabres” – and honestly, I couldn’t recommend it more. If youre ever in the Old Town of Alcudia, you MUST go!

Here’s a little Vlog on our trip, this was easier for you guys then scrolling through hundreds of photos! If you want any of the other photos though, they’re on my Insta which you can get to from the main page (@BasicBee).

All in all, the Resort was AWFUL, but Spain itself was amazing, Pastas, Paellas, Salads, Breads, It was amazing!

Have you been to Alcudia? What were your best and favourite places to go to?

Let me know!


Back in my little corner of the internet for my first new blog post of 2018!

We had such a busy Christmas, traveling here there and everywhere to see the family, but for Dan’s birthday and Christmas present I only got him a few silly little bits – because for his main present, I bought us a little city break and we had a couple of days in Barcelona. He’d been before but all he did was sit on a beach, so it was time for us to explore!

We woke up on the 27th and left my house (in the snow) at 4:45/5am – I was SHATTERED – Yet some how still managed a full face of makeup, as I knew as soon as we got there, we’d be exploring.


We landed around 1pm, got a Taxi to the hotel, got changed quickly and went exploring straight away. We got a taxi into the city centre as we wanted to make the most of our time there, so figured we’d sort out and work out the Metro on the way back, when we were no longer in a rush. IMG_3886

Our hotel was super cute. We stayed in a Spa hotel, yet didn’t actually use any of the spa, or even set foot in it because we were just too busy and the opening times of the actual spa itself clashed with everything we’d planned to do. IMG_3887IMG_3888

As we got into Barcelona city centre, Dan spotted my favourite shop before I did. Sarah told me there was a slide to get in, so of course, i needed to have ago.



The side was actually really fast, and I made Dan go down it first, I needed my instagram photographer at the bottom before me, or who else would i get to take the photos!?


I love, love, LOVE, Sephora.

But I stand by what i’ve always said – it needs an ABH counter. In my opinion it’s literally all thats missing.

We left with my Valentines day present – which i’m annoyingly not allowed until February. I can’t really moan though, i mean we did go to Barcelona for Dan’s birthday / Christmas present in the first place, after all! IMG_3899

I really like graffiti, like actual nice pictures etc, not the rubbish random letters done with spray paint that aren’t actually meant to be anything. I loved looking in the graffiti tunnel in London, and there was quite a lot around Barcelona. Dan hates graffiti, so every time I take a photo of any, he makes comments about any slight smudge of the wrong colour on any brick or paint work for the next week, purely to prove his point.


After exploring and looking around we found a little cafe to get some food, so of course we’re in spain, so we ordered Paella. IMG_3901

The place itself was super cute, it wasn’t very warm though, I was freezing whilst everyone else as sitting in T-shirts more than happy.IMG_3903

We ordered Olives to start, but they came with gherkins and onions, so i was in my element. I just stunk for a while after.IMG_3918

When the Paella came it was MASSIVE. Dan’s convinced it was only for 2 people, but i’m pretty sure 4 people could have eaten it and been more than happy. IMG_3926


Wherever we went to eat we kept being offered bread, and Dan kept declining it which was nice, look at him thinking about me and my non bread diet. IMG_3933

I got super excited about the Christmas lights so wanted to photo with them – turns out that the photo we actually took with them – they flashed off. Absolutely gutted, i promise they were cute!

I took a photo of these crisps just because they were Barcelona crisps and it made me kinda chuffed..

On our way back we went to La Rambla.

La Rambla is a street in the centre of Barcelona. It’s lined with trees and a mall. It stretches for around 1.2 kilometres connecting in the centre with the Christopher Columbus monument at Port Vell. It’s full of pavement cafe’s and souvenir kiosks.

It’s honestly amazing, you just need to be really careful as theres a lot of pick pockets around. Luckily we had our things in my bag which i wore round my front.

This may seem like nothing, and I can’t eat it because it’s full of Gluten anyway. But look! A bucket full of McDonalds Chicken Nuggets and Cheese bites! My Niece and Nephew would be in heaven with this! IMG_3936

The following day we woke up early as Tom and Alex had got us tickets to a tour of Camp Nou.

We left the hotel and followed google maps for all of 20 seconds, before we realised you could literally see it from out hotel.. Safe to say we took a slow walk down and managed to not get lost! IMG_3955

We got there and there was loads to see, and we found out that Dan’s not so short after all! .. Well, I mean, he’s slightly taller than Messi so? IMG_3957

There was SO much to look at.IMG_3958



Dan had an amazing time, even if i did make him take 400 photos… IMG_3978



By the end of the tour he said he was “All photo’d out” and we were really hungry so we took a walk and found somewhere to eat, and ordered some Tapas. IMG_4026

Our eyes were clearly too big for our bellies, we ordered Patatas Bravas, Garlic Prawns (which Dan liked because they were already half peeled..)

Squid, Chorizo Sausage,IMG_4029

And a plate of Meat and Cheese. IMG_4030

We were SO FULL! We jumped on the Metro (We found some train tickets that were like 14.50 euros, that covered us for unlimited travel for 48 hours – so these were perfect for us.

We ended up back at La Rambla, because we really wanted to see it properly, in the day time. IMG_4032


As soon as we got into the market area it was UNREAL. This isn’t even 1/4 of the first  chocolate stand. IMG_4044

Marzipan fruits, and fruit jellies, IMG_4045

Look at how many jelly sweets there are! AND the fried eggs were bigger than my hands! IMG_4046

Fish, and nuts, fruit, chips, pizza, crisps, whatever you can think of, it was there. IMG_4047

I got some chocolate covered strawberries that were 1 euro ( i think ) they were so yummy, and gluten free too! IMG_4052


Here you decide what you want to eat, and they cook it for you there and then. IMG_4058


More chocolate… i was legit in heaven. IMG_4060

They had truffles that were genuinely bigger than my hand..IMG_4064

We walked out the other side of the market and walked around. I really wanted to see some of the Gaudi buildings around Barcelona, but as we were there for such a short time, I came to terms with the fact we weren’t going to have time, so we’d need to come back to see them. IMG_4075

Until I found some really cute and interesting looking stained glass windows and was staring at them for ages, i’m pretty sure Dan got bored of this, so we walked around the other side of the building to the front… Andddd it turns out we were already at one of The Gaudi Museums.. IMG_4080

After this we decided to head towards the Metro.. and of course do a little more shopping, so Dan being Dan, and knowing how much I love Sephora ( I had walked around the football stadium with him for hours the same day ) said we could go back to Sephora. I won a hair treatment but have beauty works hair in the front of my head, so figured that was a no. They swapped it for a mini make over for me, so I queued up to get my mini make over, took one look at the state of her pallet and decided that was definitely going to be a no.. IMG_4085

We walked some more, it got cold and we some how got peckish, so we stopped at Planet Hollywood in Barcelona. I had a Mocktail (non alcoholic cocktail) with orange juice, mango juice and red bull, it was SO nice but super sweet! IMG_4119

The gluten free options were amazing, but we knew they’d be good because of when we went to the Planet Hollywood at Disneyland Paris. IMG_4120

We ordered Nachos “For 2 to share” but they came out and they were absolutely HUGE! We definitely didn’t need mains.. IMG_4122

So we went straight to dessert! It was SO good! This was a chocolate brownie sundae, but the brownie was gluten free. It was so yummy and warm.

Warm brownie with ice cream is something I really miss from when i was able to eat normal food. IMG_4124

We left and it had got really cold. I say this but the coldest it was the entire time we were there was 14 degrees, so i’m kind of unsure how i can say it was cold when it was -4 at home! IMG_4128

The following morning we were going to get the Metro to the airport as it was a simple get on and wait 32 minutes and get off at the last stop. The Metro station was also a 6 minute walk from our hotel, so really easy and super close. There was problems on the track, luckily i got a notification on my phone at 1am. So we ended up getting a taxi.

Heres my, it’s 4am, how is it already home time face.

We got to the airport and headed straight for “breakfast”.

Everywhere we go we always make sure we have a Burger King or McDonalds, so Dan decided we were getting a Burger King at the airport. When we arrived he didn’t fancy it and neither did I.

This was until I saw a huge sign that said “SIN GLUTEN!”

Gluten free Burger King! This meant we were definately having Burger King for Breakfast now!

Check out my Gluten Free Burger, WITH BREAD all wrapped up like a normal burger. The bread was so soft and lovely too! I wish they did this in the UK.


We got on the plane 50 minutes late because we were delayed. Then the plane didn’t take off for another hour and a bit. We were supposed to land back at Birmingham at 8:50am and didn’t land until 12:30pm. We wouldn’t have minded if we were in the airport at this time, but we were literally stuck on the plane. It’s safe to say I was really happy to finally get off of the plane!

We collected the car, and headed home. We climbed into our Christmas PJ’s and watched way to much of a box set on sky Q and snuggled into bed.


I cannot wait for our next adventure, and our first adventure of 2018!



What i learnt when I took a little person on Holiday for a week!

So, I’m auntie Sezz.

..Im the fun one, the loud one, the one that fills them with cake and sugar and runs around with them. I’m the one that covers them in glitter and face paints them on normal days, shares my sephora pallet with them and spend hours up on hours of time building lego – But theres always other adults around.

I took my niece to Disney land for her 6th birthday with Dan, she had the most amazing time and i totally regret non of it, but Oh My GOD, i learnt ALOT!

It was her first time flying, being away from her mom without my mom (her granny) being around for a week and also her first time abroad.


  1. The Trunkie is NOT your friend, it hits you in the ankle repeatedly.. But it’s okay because when they get tired you can sit them on it and they hold on to the horn type things and boom, it’s basically a ride..


2. Unless they’re sitting on said trunkie, they’re Miss independent and want to pull it themselves around the airport, which obviously when flying from Luton is great idea, it’s not like its super busy or anything… *Sarcasm*


3. Chocolate cake isn’t lunch. When we’re at family parties every kid knows to come to me for pudding cause i’ll go OTT with them.. I actually made her have a meal of pasta first.. Also if theres a way of giving them sorbet instead of ice cream – do it, it’s less sugar apparently?! –  I was proud, is this the first step on being a responsible adult?


4. Little peoples first flight is an experience in itself. “OMG THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER” “OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING” “OMG I WANT TO GO ON A PLANE EVERYDAY!”

Bonus – she wasn’t scared.  IMG_1582

oh look.. her Trunkie being pulled by herself.. again. Just before i tripped over it.IMG_1585

5. If theres something to climb, they climb it. It does not matter how big or small it is, it doesn’t even matter what it is, if theres a way to climb it.. they will. Before this holiday i was the one that encouraged climbing, piggy backs, and jumping off stuff…IMG_1665

Climbing.. again.IMG_1670

6. £3.50 for a normal slush, or £9 for a slush that comes in a plastic cup? Obviously it’s the second choice! The more expensive version is always the best and most wanted. It’s also going to be held by the little people for about 20 minutes until its too cold for their hands and you end up carrying it instead! Oh! and if theres an opportunity to be carried or piggy backed or have a shoulder ride, they will take it. Their legs get tired within 2.12 seconds and then boom, you’re a human horse. IMG_1683

7. They could be obsessed with meeting a certain person (Hers was Darth Vader instead of princesses) We did tell her he was from the dark side, but NO! She HAD to meet him. So on day two, off we went! We queued up for 40 minutes, we met him, and oh my god this kid was clinging to my leg in fear, to the point i had to carry her out, and then we did princesses. She still won’t talk about her Darth Vader experience other than “he’s the worst person in the world, he’s horrible and i never want to see him again!”

Then we moved on to the princesses.. This was a MUCH better idea!

8. Face paint. I faceprint the little people at home, but obviously i don’t work in disney, so £13.50 for faceprint at Disneyland is a bargain! It’s even better when 20 minutes later they’ve smudged it on every part of their body and they wanted it off now. How many baby wipes will this take?IMG_1912

9. Speaking of baby wipes – Baby wipes are magical. They remove everything. Food, Drink, Too hot? baby wipe yourself. Covered in food? Baby wipe yourself. Toilet ran out of toilet paper? Baby wipe, and as for ice cream.. they’re great! Why don’t i just carry them usually? Baby wipes may have been my best accessory at Disneyland.. I’m not even joking. These things are like gold dust! Oh, and the travel packets? I salut whoever came up with this idea – You are incredible Mr Mini pack baby wipe man.

You have to pack for EVERY possibility. 30 degrees but staying for the parade and fire works? You need a night time outfit, plus sun cream for the day, Anti-bacteraial gel, obviously baby wipes (have i mentioned how great they are yet?) Everything and anything.

Little one got attached to this leaf she wanted to take home for her leaf collection, as we were a few hours flight away we decided a photo would be a good idea, then we made a wish and let the leaf blow away with it’s little leaf friends.. IMG_2001

You get them a new toy, and this toy becomes life. Rapunzel. Her long hair covered in ketchup a day in, i did a good 54322345 plaits in her hair, we played hair dressers, she couldn’t go in a bag! She’s a princess! So, we had to carry Rapunzel around the airport and she also went on her first flight… I dread to think what might have happened if we’d lost Rapunzel. She even needed to wash her hands after the bathroom.. IMG_2004IMG_2032IMG_2035

10. The most important thing i learnt was that this little human is incredible. She has so much courage and intelligence for such a little human being and i am so incredibly proud of her. Watching her grow up and teaching her how to do things etc is the greatest gift i could be given. I’m so proud of her. My Little best friend xo


The day after we got home and she went back to her mums i felt like id lost my trust little sidekick! There was no one there to “help” me brush my teeth, brush my hair and pull half my weave out, or try and sleep in my tshirts instead of their own!  It’s a good job she rang us the next day to ask if we were okay and to tell us she missed us. This made it totally okay for me to be needy and ring her later on too!

Also – it’s tiering! How can they go to bed late after the fireworks etc, yet wake up so early!? Sleep little people, sleep!

And yet, i can’t wait to do this all over again. I wouldn’t change a single bit go this for anything in the entire world!

Bees xo 

Madrid Short Break.

IMG_6610 (1)

So! Me and Dan went to Madrid last weekend… and spent 90% of our money on food.. We were there  Sunday – Wednesday and although i’ve been before, this time was SO much better. 

We arrived and got sorted and in our room for around 8pm. So we got changed and went straight out to eat. It was the Real Madrid, Barcelona match the night we got there so although we ended up not watching it at the stadium, we went and found a bar just up from the apartment. We had loads of food, beer and sangria and the atmosphere was amazing! IMG_6492

We ordered Chocolate ice cream, well what we thought was chocolate ice cream, but it was actually difference ice creams dipped in different chocolate and then served individually. They were so nice!IMG_6495

I wore my New Look denim jacket and a cute little 2 piece outfit. It’s like shorts and a sling back top. I ordered an 8 and the top was way to big, but the shorts fitted okay! They’re both really thin, so pretty perfect for Holiday! They’re from BooHoo.


There was a mirror on the entrance / exit of the apartment and it lit up at night. Perfect selfie location..


The first day we were there we went to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which is basically a big football stadium.. Dan was in his element, I was walking around trying to find good light for selfies, and taking far too many photos.



I even found a mirror in the changing rooms and made Dan selfie with me.. IMG_6578

Okay so after the football day (which felt like it lasted a good 3 weeks, but it was his trip for his present so I’m not negative..) i found makeup shops! I went a little OTT, but i fully stand by the fact i needed everything i bought… kinda. The picture below is only from one shop.. we went to about 7.IMG_6581

I wore a sling back top, so needed a stick on bra the second day we were there. Dan got really confused and couldn’t work out what it actually was or what it was for. As its reusable, I put it back in its packaging and 20 minutes later Dan walks in wearing it looking pretty chuffed with himself..


The last day was pretty cold (for me, but I’m a wuss) so i ended up wearing jeans and a denim jacket all day. It was kinda awkward because everyone else was wearing shorts and t-shirts.. IMG_6600

Where we were staying, the apartment was on a really busy hughstreet. So we had loads of food places around us. We went to “VIPS” for lunch on the last day cause the menu had loads of gluten free stuff. We ordered gluten free nachos, The nachos themselves were nice. Dan loved the sauce thing, but it was way to weird for me. It had melted cheese sauce, salsa, avocado, sour cream, chorizo and chicken… ALL MIXED UP INTO A HOT SAUCE. Nope.. I can’t deal with that.


I had a VIP’s Club Sandwich for lunch after the nachos were a massive fail. It was SO nice and really odd to be able to order a sandwich gluten free without people looking at you weird. IMG_6603

We went on a bus tour around Madrid to see everything. It was supposed to be Hop on, Hop off. It’s open for like 14 hours a day too. Theres two different routes, ones like old Madrid and ones classed as New Madrid. We only got off the bus once to swap routes.. we’d over eaten at lunch and I was hungover from sangria.. IMG_6609 (1)IMG_6610 (1)

As we got off the bus we found the KIKO Shop. KIKO Milano is an Italian Makeup & cosmetics range and has been around since 1997. Theres one in London and Birmingham but there isn’t one in Leicester. This kinda sucks cause everything in theres SO cheap for what it is and the products last ages! IMG_6615

Then I found my home.. NYX. I LOVE NYX Make-up & Products. Everything is full of pigment, lasts ages and nothing dries your skin out or makes you break out. Most of my eyeshadows are NYX and i couldn’t recommend them more. They have stalls in Leicester. Boots in fosse park has a really big stall with about 8/9 different stands. IMG_6616

Bubble Tea! Dan hates it, I love it. They have a stand at Uni, but i managed to grab one with Mango juice, then Apple and lychee popping pearls and Mixed jellies. IMG_6617

On our last night we said we were only going to order a few bits and just snack. Turns out it ended up not being a few bits. We had A plate of different meats and cheese. A salad with literally everything on and some Patatas Bravas (spicy potatoes). It was all SO nice though.. IMG_6637

Standard “flying so i’m gonna take a photo of clouds” photo.. IMG_6655

I had the most amazing time exploring Madrid properly this time and literally can’t wait to go back. We managed to get our standard flights for just over £100 for both of us and the apartment was only £126 for 4 people. We upgraded and stuff so it cost a little more. But it’s really easy to go to Madrid for cheap!

Bees xo 


We went to Rome in November and it was on my other blog, but I restarted it, so lost everything!

Rome is literally magical. Theres so much to look at and so much amazing food too! We even got to go to the steps where my Grandad proposed to my Grandma, which was cute AF.

We spent hours at the Colosseum, it’s absolute massive, and i wanted to of course see every single part of it..


Even the walk ways were pretty, everything is pretty in Rome!IMG_0447IMG_0444IMG_0436IMG_0386IMG_0434IMG_0424

After this, we went to see the Trevi fountain.

Apparently when we went it had just finished having loads of work done to it. I really wanted to do the whole throw a coin in and make a wish… but there was no other coins so I’m assuming it isn’t or wasn’t actually a thing.. maybe next time!


Then my life changed.. Dan ‘willingly’ walked over an hour with me to find Sephora. If you don’t know, Sephora is the make up shop of make up shops, so of course, I spent what i thought was around 20 minutes in here, it turns out it was over an hour.

The entire time we were in Rome, i think we went in here like 3 or 4 times. I left with like 5 or 6 eye shadow pallets, some makeup for Dan’s little sister, stuff for my boss, Phoebe and of course wayyyy to much stuff for myself. Turns out Dan had to pack my stuff into his case before we got on the plane home.. Mine was full with Sephora goodies… Ooops! IMG_0315

The food in Rome was INCREDIBLE. Being gluten free i was a bit sad i didn’t get to eat the pizza or pasta, so i lived on risotto, salad, and far too much ice cream and chocolate mousse. The desert below was amazing.. to the point we had it basically every night we were there.. i miss this so much!IMG_0293

I ate so much risotto – all sea food based. It was so so good..IMG_0291IMG_0341IMG_0457

Before we went my eating was really iffy again, but it helped so much going and being able to explore new menus and Dan not minding about me taking ages to order, or swapping bits and bobs and even drinks with me!


This is Nutella gelato and strawberry gelato.. obviously i can’t eat cones so needed a large tub to make up for this..


It was one of the most amazing few days and I can’t wait to go back!IMG_0333

Bees xo

“We Were Staying In Paris…”

img_3906It was my birthday on the 18th and as usual gaining another year to my life wasn’t something I wanted to admit was actually happening, so we went to Paris instead!

img_3903We did all the usual touristy things which included The Louvre. This has been in so many films I’ve watched included National treasure, so it was really weird to see it in real life, like it’s actually a real thing..


Sticking with the whole tourist vibe, we went to see the Eiffel tower too. We didn’t go up it cause Dans a wuss and doesn’t do heights, plus there was a massive fence around it which made the queues longer, and they took longer to go down too.. And I don’t really do queues unless i’m in a shop and i’m really wanting whatever I’m buying.. We then walked from here to the Point de l’archeveche, which is the love lock bridge without the locks because they took them all down. It was supposed to take us 45 minutes to walk here, it actually took us over an hour to find it because we got lost a lot and google maps on my phone just didn’t feel like working well, but I didn’t want to admit it as i was main map person.. Plus we kept stopping for crisps on route too! I like crisps and eating gluten free in Paris itself was an absolute nightmare. We ended up with McDonalds this day..img_3849

We went to Disney Land! It was so amazing, we didn’t really do many of the bigger rides cause as stated above, Dan’s a wuss, but to be fair we were both pretty ill this day too, so rides were possibly not the best idea anyway! img_3821img_3790

The Alice in Wonderland part of Disney land was obviously my favourite. I absolutely LOVE Alice and the whole story. The whole of my right arm is an Alice in wonderland sleeve and so are my ankle tattoos. The whole story itself amazes me. You can fall down a hole and then suddenly everything is different…

“Alice is engaged in a romance quest for her own identity and growth, for some understanding of logic, rules, the games people play, authority, time, and death.. When you approach the book with this idea in mind, it offers interesting and meaningful interpretations of the events and characters in the story.”

“I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”


We went to Planet Hollywood for lunch and being coeliac I wasn’t expecting much. I was so wrong! There was 4 full pages of gluten free meals, sides and desserts! From pizzas to burgers, to pastas and steaks. It was amazing and I was completely spoilt for choice. I ended up having a chicken burger because it was one of the things I hadn’t had when eating out for just over 10 years. I was really excited but when it came out the bread nearly broke my teeth, so i ended up just eating the bits inside anyway… Totally should have gone for the pasta after all!


Although we were only there for 2 full days, it was amazing and I can’t wait to go back.


Bees xo